A Fresh Start

30th June. My time at Sixth Form is officially over and my summer has begun! This blog is going to be completely different to my music blog www.strawberryblondeblogs.wordpress.com and will be focused more around fashion/beauty/lifestyle – it’s a topic I said I’d never blog about, but I’m starting a new chapter in my life. I’m developing my writing abilities in terms of what I can write about as it is going to have a major influence on my course when I go to university in September! So to kick off the blog, I’ll be doing 50 random facts about me!

  1. My full name is Bethan Maria Rose Shufflebotham (yes, stupidly long name… pain in the backside to write on exams and stuff)
  2. My birthday is 22/12/1997 (I’m 18-years-old)
  3. I have a brother (Karl, 25) and a sister (Kirsty, 27)
  4. My Staffie Bull Terrier is my baby, her name is Lyla (after the Oasis song)13010604_166189053775659_4653292585824611410_n
  5. My boyfriend, Jake, is an absolute worldie xoIMG_4752
  6. I have 1 tattoo that means the world to me! It looks like it says chicken nuggets… it doesn’t. It’s each member of my family and we all have it in a different place; we’re just waiting on Mother Shuffer to get it!IMG_5014
  7. My 18 month old niece, Poppy, is a little terror but she’s aceFH000011
  8. I have 6 ear piercings and my belly done. I did have my neck pierced but it grew out
  9. I’m an indie girl through and through – unconditional love for music
  10. The Gallagher brothers and The Stone Roses are Gods
  11. This Is England is my fave
  12. I’m obsessed with Chicken Nuggets
  13. I have every copy of Vogue since October 2014
  14. I love Cara Delevingne, she’s a razza
  15. My Crosley record player is my pride and joy, as is my vinyl collectionIMG_5068
  16. I have a million job titles: healthcare advisor for Boots UK; Owner of Strawberry Blonde Photography, Blogs and Vlogs; Blogger at Rebel Bear Precinct; Writer for REBEL; Dance Teacher at Street Click Dance Crew
  17. I love dancing! I’ve danced since I was 2-years-old and now dance for around 6 hours a week
  18. Burlesque is also an amazing film, we once did a show piece based on it and it remains one of my favourite routines ever
  19. I’ve broken my nose twice
  20. I go on holiday to Newquay every year and I cannot wait to blog about it this year!
  21. As a family we don’t go abroad because my mum’s scared of flying, but I’ve been to Germany twice and I went on holiday with Leah to Gran Canaria
  22. I’m ginger. I burn really easily. Even British weather is too hot.
  23. I drink about 10 cups of tea a day; since I’m not at Sixth Form, I literally sit at home all day drinking tea
  24. I have so many books it’s ridiculous, my bookcase is bursting. I’d say my favourite book is My Sister’s Keeper because it is that well written that the book made me cry
  25. I don’t tend to cry at anything
  26. The only other language I can speak is basic German and basic sign language, along with some profanities in Italian and French thanks to foreign exchange students
  27. I don’t watch much TV but I never miss an episode of Supernatural
  28. Other series I love are FRIENDS, The Office (only just started to watch it), Prison Break, Dexter and Derek
  29. Ricky Gervais’ comedy has me in stitches, proper British humour
  30. I used to play guitar and sing a little but those days are long gone
  31. I’ve never been able to choose summer or winter as a favourite – summer is ace because there’s so much to do and the weather is nice and you’re free from education for a month or so, but in winter you can wrap yourself in 20 blankets with hot chocolate and it’s my birthday and Christmas
  32. I’ve been having driving lessons for over a year and can’t find the balls to put in for my theory test, let alone my practical
  33. I’ve just completed Psychology, Photography, English Language and Dance at A-level
  34. I can’t swim, but I can surfIMG_1223
  35. I need to buy a Fred Perry polo but me and Jake already dress the same
  36. When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, but I ditched the tutu’s 8 years ago
  37. I hate feet
  38. I have an obsession with disposable cameras at the minute, I love the crappy quality
  39. I have a Polaroid and a Conoret brownie and I want to get film for them but it’s more expensive than it’s worth
  40. I love my gopro but I never think to use it, so this summer I’m going to make an effort to get it out!
  41. I’d love to be a sophisticated, classy lass and be able to drink wine with my meal and what have you, but I hate wine with a passion
  42. Vodka, lemonade and blackcurrant juice is the poison of choice
  43. I adore baby animals! If you look on my Instagram ‘explore’ page it’s just full of piglets and puppies
  44. I love a good fancy dress party; the past few times I’ve been Supergirl, Minnie Mouse and The Little Mermaid
  45. I make a decent cheesecake
  46. I love the occasion deep cleanse pamper sesh with bath bombs and facemasks – perhaps that’ll be a future blog post
  47. I want to travel the world someday; Australia, Asia, Europe, USA – I fear that I’d never come back though
  48. I’m still not over David Bowie’s death
  49. My favourite mug is a Little Miss Princess mug and I don’t let anyone else use it because I am a princess
  50. Last one! I’m actually really nervous and excited to be starting this blog! Although I’ve blogged before, this is a whole new experience!

Beff x



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