The Secret To Buying For Boys

Males are the most difficult people to buy gifts for; which makes birthdays and Christmas incredibly stressful for daughters and girlfriends (Mum’s tend to have it nailed for the most part). This is mainly because guys have narrower interests and tend to focus their attention of specialist subjects, for example, my Dad’s specialist subject is music, whereas my brothers tends to be quirky gadgets. Once you’ve figured out a lads speciality, it makes it easy to buy the main component of their gift. My boyfriend on the other hand is an absolute nightmare to buy for and he will not, under any circumstances, discuss what he’d like. Therefore, I have devised a completely solid formula that makes present buying a piece of cake. As it was my Dad and Jake’s birthday on 4th July, I had to put my formula into practice, and I’d say it worked great, so let me share my secret.

  • Something to wear – whether it be a new shirt, some bracelets or some aftershave, men like to take pride in their appearance and look good. For my Dad I got him some festival bracelets and a Stone Roses t-shirt because he mentioned one after we went to see them last month, therefore it holds a sentimental value too. For Jake I got Joop Homme aftershave because it smells amazing and he’s mentioned it in conversation.
  • Something to watch – everyone loves a lazy Sunday in bed with hangover snacks and a movie. Get them a film that you can watch together so that it adds quality time to gift! Dad received Spike Island, which is, gain, Stone Roses related; and Jake received the Oasis – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down 2-disc special because he loves Oasis and my Dad keeps telling him that he needs to see it.
  • Something to listen to – I guess this only really works for music lovers, so I suppose a console game would work as an alternative for those of your male acquaintances that don’t listen to music. I got Dad a CD for Father’s Day, so I didn’t want to get him another so soon after, hence buying him two things to wear, but I did buy him some music related prints of Oasis and David Bowie which will look really cool framed! Jake has a record player, so I got him Johnny Marr’s Adrenaline Baby because he’s always listening to it on his phone (and it’s pink)!
  • Something to eat/drink – this one goes hand in hand with the film day! You absolutely cannot go wrong with their favourite snack. It’s a little, inexpensive added extra that shows that you are perceptive and shows that you care about the needs of their sweet tooth! For this one Jake’s had a Dr Pepper, and i’m going to treat Dad to Haribo Starmix when we decide to watch Spike Island.

These are just 4 simple categories in which you could find the perfect present for those awkward men that don’t straight up tell you what they bloody want! It also means that they have a selection of things to open that they can use on different occasions, so it’s a little more exciting. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes!

Beff xx


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  1. dad says:

    Spot on beff


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