Packing for a Weekend Away

Tomorrow, Jake and I are heading to Manchester to celebrate his 21st (again). His mum has very kindly paid for our hotel for the two nights and we’ve brought Catfish and The Bottlemen tickets for Castlefield Bowl on the Friday night! It’s going to be an epic weekend and I’ve had so much fun getting all my things ready! As we’re only going for the weekend, I’ve packed as lightly as I can! So here’s what I’m taking!

  • Dungarees – they’re versatile and can be worn for both day time shopping and at the pub dressed up with some heels, which means that I can wear them Thursday evening and Saturday day time
  • Dress – to wear Friday in the day around town
  • Playsuit (not pictured as it’s not arriving until tomorrow morning – I’ll be wearing this to the gig and out in town after
  • Shirt – to wear under my dungarees
  • Coat – lightweight black coat that is suitable for sun or rain
  • Comfies – includes comfy pyjama style bottoms, plain top and hoodie
  • Undies – take spares
  • Socks – again, take spares!
  • Heeled boots – they’ll dress up an outfit but they’re still mega comfy
  • Trainers – because they’re easy to pack, easy to wear, and my gazelles are basically my slippers
  • Sunglasses – because the weather could be nice and it keeps hayfever at bay
  • Watch/Jewellery


  • Clutch bag – for going out and finishing an outfit
  • Makeup
  • Toothbrush
  • Skincare – don’t talk all of your skincare products, stick to face wipes and moisturiser
  • Perfume – because you want to smell amazing
  • Deodorant
  • Mini shampoo/conditioner in case the hotel doesn’t supply it
  • Shower gel – I’m taking my new marshmallow one
  • Hairbrush
  • Medication – including prescribed drugs and pain killers (perfect to keep away a hangover)
  • Plasters – they’re a life saver for blisters and scrapes!
  • A pen – it will come in handy, promise (secretly hoping I meet Van McCann)
  • Magazine/book – great for on the train or just chilling in the hotel room whilst waiting for the shower
  • Disposable cameras – because I’m obsessed


I’ve managed to get everything into a medium backpack so that it’s easy for me to carry! I think this is the least I’ve ever packed! Probably because I’m actually going to have to carry it myself rather than have Dad do it for me…

Keep an eye out after the weekend to hear about our Manchester adventure!

Beff xx


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