Rumba, ahoy!

Sometimes last minute plans can be the best ones! This impulsive adventure was to Rumba, a tiki cocktail bar in Congleton.


I decided that I would go dressed in smart/casual attire so went for my black roll neck from Dorothy Perkins, black tights, black thigh high boots and this gorgeous suede-look skirt. Sorry to break your hearts, but this little beauty will be near impossible to get your hands on nowadays as I purchased it from Ark in the sale for £5, just before they closed down. It’s by the brand Hearts and Bows and I couldn’t be happier with it! The colours are girly but and because there are 4 different coloured panels, it’s really easy to experiment with makeup shades. I tend to play around with lip shades with this skirt, and because I wore my MAC Velvet Teddy last time I wore it, I decided that it was the perfect excuse to wear my new Sleek Velvet Slipper again! The shoes make the outfit though; in flats, this outfit can look preppy, edging on vintage – but with the heeled boots, it creates an air of sophistication that suits a casual night out!

My makeup was fairly minimal compared to my usual combination of shimmery eyeshadow, eyeliner and lips… So I’ve gone for a subtle, almost translucent shadow with dark lips. As for my hair, the messy ‘hun’ was the only thing that was going to work with the half hour I had to get ready.


This was my first trip to Rumba and I was so excited because I’ve hear so many great reviews about it! The interior décor is so, so cool! It’s got a pirate theme to it with Jolly Roger flags and barrels as tables. The dim lighting makes you feel like you could be on the lower decks of a pirate ship!


The theme ran all the way through to the cocktail menu which was heavily rum orientated. I’m no Captain Jack Sparrow so I took a look at the ‘No Rum In No Cry’ section of the menu and went for a Sex On The Beach (Absolut Vodka, Archers, orange and cranberry) served in a tall glass. A Rum Refresher (Malibu, blood orange, raspberry, cranberry and lime) was recommended to me by the barman so I took a chance and hoped it would taste nice; it came served in a cute little tin can, keeping an authentic vibe and it didn’t disappoint!

What was even better was that we arrived during Happy Hour (7-8) so got our drinks on 2-4-1! The staff, Jordan and Holly were really friendly and accommodating, having a chat with us, discussing the drinks with us, checking we were okay and if we needed anything so that we could have an enjoyable experience. I’ll definitely be returning to this quaint little venue; I’ve decided that it’s my favourite new local bar. Next time, am I allowed to wear a flower garland and a pirate hat?


Won’t be posting until Sunday now, if you read my last post you’ll see that Jake and I are off to Manchester. Don’t worry, when I’m back I’ll let you know all the best bars (let’s call it research)!

Beff xx



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