Skincare Session

Sometimes our skin needs a little more than the average cleanse, tone and moisturise and since I’ve had a breakout recently, my skin is in need of some serious TLC. Today I took the time out to do the full works and have a mini pamper session to try and clear up my spots.

Firstly, I ran a hot bath using my Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Cream as a bubble bath, and lit my Apple and Spice scented candle for extra cosiness.

Whilst my bath ran, I wiped my face with Simple Spotless Skin Cleansing Wipes (on offer at Sainsbury’s for £2) to get any leftover makeup off. I then used the Garnier Micellar Water (£1 at Home Bargains) on a cotton wool pad to make sure there was absolutely no dirt left. If you focus mainly around the creases of your nose, you’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt still on your face.


Next I used a 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac Face Mask (£1 at Boots) as it has a cleansing and brightening effect, and since I was using it in the morning, it would give my skin a nice glow for the day. I was tempted to use my Dirty Works Clay Face Mask, but clay masks really deep cleanse and bring all the dirt to the surface, causing a breakout (I’ll do that when I have nowhere to go for a week!). I applied this with an old foundation brush; I use the No7 Foundation Brush (£14 at Boots) as it helps precisely apply the mask without getting it all over your fingers and in your hair! I’ll spare you of the face mask snaps…


I allowed the mask to set in whilst I soaked in the bath. After 10 minutes I washed it off and my face was already feeling softer!

After getting out of the bath I used my Lush Angels On Bare Skin Face & Body Cleanser (£7.25 from Lush) as an exfoliator. It has little bits of lavender flowers and almonds in that assist in getting off dead skin and it smells amazing. You only need a tiny bit in your hand and you have to make into a paste by adding a little bit of water – it can be quite tricky but you get the hang of it!


To help fight against spots, I used Boots Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash (£3.50 ish) to tackle my break out as tea tree naturally fights bacteria and reduces spots. I lathered this on my face, focusing mainly on the areas where my breakouts have occurred, then washed it off and applied Boots Cucumber Cleansing Toner with a cotton wool pad. Toner brings the skins pH back to a normal level as tap water, cleansers and soaps can alter it to a unnatural/harmful level.


Moisturising your skin is necessary after using a toner as it can really dry your skin out, for a deep moisturising I used my new No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream because it is brilliant. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and it feels great. Waking up the morning after putting it on and my skin looks brighter and healthier!


Finally, my lips! One of my all-time favourite products is the Lush Lip Scrubs; my personal preference is the Bubblegum flavoured one. It removes dead skin from your lips using grains of sugar and it causes them to look healthier and plumper. I’m going to have a go at making a couple myself in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that post! To moisturise my lips I’ve been using the EOS Mint Lip Balm; I adored the Strawberry flavoured one, but my dog ate it (I guess that’s a review in itself since she sniffed it out of my handbag). The mint one has a bit of a tingle to it after using the lip scrub too, it’s a weirdly satisfying sensation!


Beff xx



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