Happy Healthy Hounds!

My dog, Delylah (Lyla), is my baby. Dogs are a huge part of a family; they’re pack animals and therefore see you as their best friend. As much as they protect you, you must protect your pooch! That means taking great care in what you feed your dog and what measures you take in looking after them in this painful, blistering heat. You know how unbearable this heat is for yourselves… now go put a fur coat on. Exactly. Dogs can’t deal with this heat either! That’s why I headed over to Hounds!

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Hounds is an independent dog shop owned by the lovely Anya Szczur, based in Newcastle-Under-Lyme on Merrial Street. It’s the most amazing little store and is welcoming to all dogs, big and small (free treats for four-legged friends)! Anya has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge on dogs; seriously, ask her anything about looking after your dog and she will know! From colourful, non-destructible toys, to cosy beds of all sizes; from a variety of tasty treats and nutritious food, to beautifully patterned collars and leads; Hounds really is a one-stop-dog-shop! Not only does the store have everything that you and your hound’s heart desires, Hounds hold events all the time too; Puppy Parties are held monthly so that your new companion can learn to socialise, and Anya has some really big ideas for Halloween and Christmas, too!

On this occasion I was looking for something to treat Lyla’s breath; she’s getting old now, and for some (careless) dog owners that means ‘stop caring’… no, it doesn’t. When you get a dog, you make a commitment to that fur-baby to care for it every single day of its life. Anya suggested the Pooch and Mutt Fresh Breath treats, they specially designed to freshen breath as they include peppermint oil! Unsure of how many/when to give them to Lyla, Anya advised to give her 1 a day after her tea. I purchased the smaller pack for £1 which includes just over a weeks’ worth in accordance to Anya’s guidelines (bigger pack available for £2.99), just so that I can test her on them and make sure that they agreed with her!  After a week of trailing the treats and Lyla having fun showing off her tricks for them, I’m going to give them a 10/10! They’ve really made a difference to her breath so now cuddles won’t be quite so torturous and her panting in the sun won’t knock everyone out! They’re a great size pack to just pop in your pocket for walks etc. and the packet is resealable so they stay fresh and you don’t end up with biscuit crumbs in your pocket; and the biscuits themselves are quite big, so one a day is perfect!

My second purchase was a fun and quirky way to keep my dog cool in the heat wave as well as give her a little bit of a treat! A bottle of Snuffle Dog Beer! Don’t worry, it doesn’t actually contain alcohol; it’s just a blend of ‘chicken and malt barley extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B and other doggy goodies for a taste that will have dogs’ taste buds twitching’! This is available for just over £3. It was the second hottest day of the year so far and Lyla was basking in the sun; I took the beer out of the fridge and put it in her water bowl and put it in the garden for her and she absolutely annihilated it – literally gone in 60 seconds! She looked at me like ‘Human, where is the source of this almighty beverage? I need to know’. Safe to say it shall be a regular purchase over the summer!

Other products that are in stock to keep your dog cool include paw wax so that their paws are protected from the hot concrete, and cool mats for your dog to lie on! You can find all of Anya’s stock online at www.houndsonline.co.uk or pop in store with your pup and have a nosey! You’ll probably find that your dog will sniff out the best stuff!

Beff xx


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