July Favourites

This month I’ve discovered some amazing products, garments, music, films and TV shows! Allow me to impart my wisdom.


I’ll start with a purchase that really shocked me. For some reason, Natural Collection has a rather poor reputation for being cheap and nasty – a huge misconception. In fact, they’re a cruelty free brand and all of the products are all £1.99, making them incredibly affordable. This month I purchased one of their new releases: a highlighter stick in the shade Rose Glow. I’ve used Smashbox highlighters, Makeup Revolution highlighters, Benefits High Beam and nothing comes close to this little bargain. It’s a gorgeous shade for my skin tone as I’m rather pale, but they also do a Copper Glow and Coral Glow for you peachy and tanned goddesses! To apply you can either dab it on for a light shimmer, or swipe gently for a greater highlight effect where it can then be blended with your contour for a natural glow! Natural Collection are yet to bring out a contour stick, but when they do it will be at the top of my shopping list, rest assured!


Another bargain beauty buy that I picked up was a Vanilla Bean Burt’s Bees lipbalm that I swiped for just 88p! They’re usually £4, which is a bit pricey for a lip balm, but they were on a clearance sale at boots so I grabbed one quick! This smells (and tastes) gorgeous, however I’m saving it for a little DIY idea so keep a look out!



If you read my Leaver’s Ball post, you’ll know that I had an absolute nightmare getting my outfit and ended up picking it up about 4 hours before the event. It’s a LBP (Little Black Playsuit) which, personally, I think is becoming more of a statement than the LBD. I’m a much bigger fan on playsuits because they are a lot easier to move in and they make me feel a heck of a lot more confident. The only downside is having to get practically naked when you need to pee. I love this piece and have already worn it twice this month, which is usually a no-no for me, and it will definitely be getting worn a lot through August as it’s the first thing going in my suitcase!

Prior to picking my definitive outfit for the ball, I had ordered a million and one (it was actually 4) other outfits to choose from, one of which being a dusky pink playsuit; unfortunately it didn’t fit and they didn’t have any smaller sizes in stock, so I ordered the powder blue version – not a colour that I would usually go for, but I took a chance. Luckily, I fell in love with it! The halter neck and cut out front is a real statement and it quite daring, but after wearing it to a friend’s 21st birthday party and receiving some lovely compliments, I can confidently wear it again and again!


My final fashion fix is a more casual one, and something that I’ve had my eye on for a while: black, full length dungarees. These have been my go-to outfit when the weather’s been chilly; I usually wear it with a band t-shirt, blouse or polo shirt. It’s a really versatile piece that can be dressed up or dressed down, as well as being worn all year round!



I’ve purchased 3 vinyls this month:

  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds 7” – A side: Ballad Of The Mighty I; B side: Revolution Song – Purchased for £4.99 at Vinyl Revival in Manchester. I’d not heard Revolution Song before purchasing the single, but it’s a brilliant B-side; Noel’s song writing is genius
  • The Stone Roses 12” – Beautiful Thing – Purchased for £6.99 online. I was super excited about this as it was my first time pre-ordering anything and the fact that there were only 5000 copies. As amazing as the track is, I’m relatively disappointed that there isn’t a B-side to the vinyl. I listened to Beautiful Thing and flipped the vinyl anticipating something amazing, like a remix of the track, but nope. Nothing. Still an amazing collectors piece though.
  • Psyence 12” – A side: Phoenix; B side: Chemicals For Breakfast – Purchased for £5 at their gig. Psyence is a local band and the lads are creating big waves in Stoke’s music scene at the moment. Supporting your local bands by going to their gigs and buying their merch and buying their music is something very important to me, and I ask that you all do it! Chemicals For Breakfast is one of my favourite Psyence tracks, so I’m ecstatic that it’s the B-side. What’s even cooler though is that the vinyl itself is red, so looks ace!

Albums that I’ve been giving a lot of love this month are Catfish and The Bottlemen – The Ride because I’ve had post-gig-blues since Castlefield Bowl, and Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway because it’s basically the only album Dad’s had in the car all month and it’s really grown on me with my favourite track being Go Robot.

Other singles that I’ve listened to a lot this month are Thieves Asylum – IKYKIK, which I had the pleasure of hearing live for the first time last weekend; The Wytches – Crying Clown, an unusal band that I am desperate to get in to; Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better, because that bass; and finally John Dhali – Cigarette, which has always been one of my favourite tracks to hear John perform live and I’ve only recently discovered that it was on iTunes.

Films/TV Shows

Since having a boyfriend, I’ve been thoroughly educated in old British sitcoms and had spent 5 months watching Only Fools And Horses, which can get tedious. This month, Jake showed me Fawlty Towers (2 seasons on Netflix) and I can honestly say it’s one of the most hilarious and quotable shows I’ve ever seen! It’s classic British humour so never gets old either!

I’ve watched a couple of ace films this month, one of which was Spike Island. As a huge This Is England fan, this was right up my street and had a nostalgic element that allowed me to reminisce The Stone Roses at The Etihad. It’s a film full of obstacles that cannot and will not stop a group of likely lads from seeing The Stone Roses at Spike Island.

I do love a horror movie (until I’m home alone and it’s dark), so recently Jake suggested The Babadook (can be found on Netflix); a film about a character in a children’s book that comes to life to terrify the family. It’s not a terrifying film, but it does have some pretty creepy moments. It’s a very predictable film, between us, Jake and I guessed the entire storyline, but I can’t slate it entirely because I did rather enjoy it.

X-Men: Apocalypse is indescribably brilliant; the storyline, the acting, the effects, everything is focused on attention to detail. I’m not usually one for action movies, but this one is fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a new film this month. I can’t say too much about the plot, because it’s so intricate; there’s so much going on that I wouldn’t know where to start. My advice? Watch it the first chance you get.

Think that’s all of my favourites for this month! A couple more of my purchases from this month will feature in a separate post in the week.

Beff xx


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