Pretty In Pink

I’ve never been your typical girly girl. To be frank, the thought of wearing anything pink repulsed me; I’ve always been more of a fan of the colour black – burgundy is as colourful as it gets.

After daring to use pink eye shadows these past few weeks, I’ve decided that I’m full embracing the colour pink this summer, and I’m going to bloody well enjoy it (teaming it up with my fave black possessions isn’t cheating, right?).

Starting with my wardrobe – I have 2 stunning corduroy pinafores; burgundy (of course) from Primark and pink from Ark (which has now, unfortunately, shut down).  Both pinnies were under the £15 mark, so were bargain buys! This summer I shall be sporting the pink pinny in 2 different styles – I can team it up with my black roll neck, or alternatively, my white shirt (an item of clothing that I recommend for any wardrobe!).


Another gorgeous piece I own that doesn’t get the love that it deserves is a little black and pink floral skirt that I had in Miss Selfridge’s sale about 2 years ago, and has been worn around twice. This actually looks really cute with a black off-the-shoulder bardot top, which is something that I desperately need to purchase considering the last time I wore it I was using an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress folded in half. Worked really well other than having to keep checking you couldn’t see the bottom of the dress!


My final pink item of clothing is a Miss Selfridge playsuit; I was dubious about purchasing as the colour is pretty garish, but when I got it back home and tried it on I was so happy with it! This little number is definitely coming on holiday with me for a little night out!


The word ‘frilly’ has a sort of knee-jerk/gag-reflex reaction for me; however, frilly socks are a totally different story! My summer outfits are rarely completed without a pair of frilly socks (around £2 from Primark). They look ace with shorts, skirts, ankle grazers, heeled sandals for the classic socks and sandals look, trainers – pretty much anything – other than flip flops, but my Dad hasn’t had that memo yet.


The next nudes are nails! I really can never be bothered to paint my nails, but recently I’ve let them grow and I’ve shaped them nicely for a little home manicure, so this Miss Sporty nude pink shade will hopefully give my nails a little bit of love and make me at least look more girly.

Still on the topic of beautifying, nude lips will be with me all summer, particularly for day looks! Brighter, coral/pinks don’t suit my skin tone, but darker, nude/browns do. MAC’s Velvet Teddy and Bourjois Matte Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist are going to be permanently in my bag! I also want to purchase the Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lip in the shade Birthday Suit (£4.99), because after using Velvet Slipper I definitely need a nude Sleek product!

Summer can often mean long hot days, which can lead to dry skin, especially on your hands! That’s why I’ve recently re-purchased Soap and Glory’s Hand Food Hand Cream (£2.50)! It works wonders and smells of marshmallows (I must have a thing for that with my Imperial Leather Shower Gel also smelling of them!). This came with the miniature Calm One Calm All Shower Gel (again, £2.50), a product I’ve not used yet, but am excited to. Hopefully it will be as scrumptiously scented as the hand cream and will create a mountain of bubbles in my tub, leaving me smelling like a walking marshmallow!


My most adored fragrance that doubles-up as bedroom décor is my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume! The bottle is beautiful and this perfume smells gorgeous and doesn’t fade through the day; I usually only worn on special occasions due to the high price tag (£86)! I don’t want to use it all too quickly, however I do have a stunning craft idea for when the bottle is empty (that’s probably going to be a while yet)!

Alexa Chung is one of my favourite models and her style is ace. She’s a major inspiration to me in terms of fashion and her book IT always helps me out when I’m stuck for something new to try as it includes her favourite celeb styles and fashion icons. The book itself has an incredibly aesthetic cover and theme inside the book, too, with Alexa’s quirky comical drawings laced through the pages. I’m going to be using this as my style guide this summer; on the days when I have no idea what to wear, or how to do my hair and makeup, I’m going to flick to a random page and just go for whatever is in front of me.

Everyone likes a nice, chilled (alcoholic) beverage on the beach on a hot summer’s day, so Home Bargains fixed me up with a cute glittery hipflask for just £2.49! All of the decent sized ones that I’ve looked at have been around £10 and not well made or had pretty designs. This one is sturdy, well-sealed and glittery for a quarter of the price! The don’t call it Home Bargains for nothing; they’ve currently got a whole range of festival essentials so if you’re going to somewhere like V-Festival, get in there and have a nosey to see if you can’t get any of your camping kit there cheap!


My obsession with stationary is a little out of hand; before I start university there will almost definitely be a blog post dedicated to my stationary haul! My recent acquirements consist of pink lined sticky Post-Its – did you hear me? I said lined! As well as a Pukka Pad (£4); I’m really fussy with notebooks – they have to be spiral bind and the paper has to feel nice and thick. I’ve re-purchased some coloured Bic Crystal pens in blue, pink, green and purple (£2.50)– I vow to only write in pink this summer.


I’m pretty sure that’s all the pink stuff that I own! Hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll be back very soon with my July purchases.

Beff xx


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