Cakes and Shakes at Tsp.

Leah and I refuse to have boring business meetings. We like somewhere welcoming, fresh and idea-provoking; somewhere comfortable, homely and creative. That’s why we chose tsp. (pronounced ‘teaspoon’) as our office on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.


We sat facing a big window that overlooked the bottom of Piccadilly (perfect spot for people watching) on tall wooden stools as we unpacked our business meeting essentials: laptop, headphones, pretty coloured pens and, a journalist’s best friend – notebooks.


Tsp. is the pinterest of coffee shops; gorgeous hanging vintage-style bulbs, neon tsp light behind the counter, cute little succulent plants in glass tea pots, suspended coffees for those in need and my favourite feature: enough cake to feed you for a month (or 24 hours if it’s me).

Drooling over the day’s selection of fresh cupcakes which ranged from Black Forest Gateaux, Oreo and Reece’s Pieces, to Lemon Drizzle, Eaton Mess and Biscoff – I chose Oreo and Leah decided on Black Forest Gateaux – oh, not to eat, hell no! To be transformed into an absolutely amazing, mouth-watering milkshake like no other! The friendly staff will go to the ends of the earth to ensure great customer service and great presentation with every shake. Tsp use half of your chosen cupcake and blend it with the rest of the shake, while the other half sits on top of the overflowing  whipped cream and dripping sauce along with extra Oreos in my case, and bring it to your table! Yes. You need a spoon. This is not a drink; it’s a damn meal!

Tsp is a relaxed, cosy coffee shop that panders to everyone, including vegans and coeliacs! It’s open Monday to Saturday 8-5 offering a selection of meal deals, cakes, drinks and a beautiful area in which to socialise and get some work done! You can ever order some gorgeous custom made cakes for birthdays and weddings too and they are phenomenal, with attention to detail at the heart of their creativity and innovation.

Beff xx


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