My First Fred

I’m probably a disgrace to indie kids and mod culture, but I’ve never owned a Fred Perry. There’s something so sophisticated and smart about that twin tip and the crisp colours; a truly classic and gorgeous creation, and not owning one sooner is my only mistake.

I want to tell you about my first Fred; and I can assure you that it will be the first of many, and I’m so glad that it has a sentimental story behind it.

I’ve been looking at a couple of Fred Perry polos over the past few months as I’ve been meaning to get one for my holiday this month. Then, I discovered the Fred Perry dresses, which is a whole new level of dangerous for my shopping addiction! I found the most beautiful, sleek, black polo material dress with long sleeves and the white twin tip and laurel wreath and instantly send Jake the link to see what he thought of it. I planned on ordering it when I got paid.

Fast-forward a few weeks to last Saturday (13th) – mine and Jakes 6 month anniversary. Jake had booked us a table for 9:15 at a restaurant that I wasn’t allowed to be made aware of until we got there. I’d decided to wear my paisley playsuit… or so I believed.

Beth, can you just grab the extension cable out of my mum’s room, please? It’s just on the right when you go in’.

As I turned the corner, there was no extension cable to be found, however, there was a gorgeous Fred Perry dress hung on the wardrobe for me to find instead!

So dolled up in my new dress, which heaven forbid I sat down in because ‘you’ll crease it’, and my heels, Jake booked us a taxi to drive us to Miller and Carter. I had a gorgeous steak with seasoned fries, beef dripping sauce and onion loaf and I’m surprised I didn’t burst out of the dress by the end of it.


So yeah, that’s the story behind my first Fred Perry; one that makes my heart melt and one that I’m incredibly proud to tell. I can’t thank Jake enough. It’s now going to be the only thing I wear for the foreseeable future, I love it that much.


Beff xx


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