Holiday Haul

I’m off on my annual jolly-hollies to Newquay this month so decided to go out and make some last minute holiday purchases; some of which surprised me! My safe colours are black and various shades of red (usually deep). This time I’ve gone for more pink and a bit of khaki – a colour I never thought that I’d see myself in!

8/10 of my purchases are from good old trusty Primark. Cheap fashion based around the latest trends – what more could I need for a week long holiday?

The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful aztec print on these hippie-style pants; especially because they’re in the colours I tend to wear, but remain summery. The material is light and baggy so will keep me cool, and they are so comfy – I’m going to be wearing them to travel in, for sure. These were actually on a reduced rail from £8 to £3 so were an absolute bargain, and they’ll probably double up as pyjamas in autumn when I get back. Win:Win!


Still trawling through rails for hidden gems, I came across a lilac paisley bikini top (and of course, paisley is the no# 1 pattern for mods, so even when I’m in my bikini, people will still know that I listen to The Stone Roses and Oasis xo) however, because Primark’s shop floor aesthetic is ‘jumble sale’, it was a nightmare to find the matching bottoms, but I did, and the bikini cost a total of £5; yet another steal purchase.


Khaki green isn’t a colour I would usually go for, probably because I wear a lot of red and the whole ‘red and green should never be seen’ thing, but this skirt is in a style that I adore and there were so many outfit ideas running through my head: black roll neck, black crop top, white shirt. It definitely has an air of sophistication about it, so for £6 I thought ‘why not’.


Searching the men’s section initially for a black ‘chav hat’ for dancing (I need one as part of a show costume), I found bomber jacket paradise. I’ve been thinking about getting traditional style bomber jacket in a nude shade as opposed to the typical green, but I spotted this nude fleece bomber style jacket for £8 and figured that I’ll probably get more wear out of it in the long run.


After paying £140 for new phone screens in the past month, I figured a phone case may be a good idea. I couldn’t choose between the two because they’re both freaking adorable, so I shall be swapping between the two! At £3 each, they’re a cheap alternative to the quirky Skinny Dip cases sold in places like Topshop, but equally as cute.


Uni is getting closer and closer and I’m desperate for cute stationary; Primark have a whole range and I found these pastel notepads for £3 in a pack. That’s £1 each! They’re a lovely design and are a great size to carry anywhere. I just need a killer bag to carry them to university in; but I’m yet to find my dream bag.


My final Primark purchase was some little clips for when I want to clip the top of my hair up because having long hair in summer is not fun. It gets very hot under this mane. I really hope that they help.


My next beautiful buy was in Topshop: a gorgeous, vintage look bathing suit. I bought a similar one last year but my fat ass doesn’t fit in it now, so I’ve bought this one for £18 in the sale. I’m still probably going to squeeze myself into the other one, too… It’s too beautiful. This one is a stunning alternative if I really, really can’t fit into last years, though.


Lastly, I picked up this oversized khaki jumper in New Look for £15 because apparently, I can’t ever have too much khaki now. I never realised how well it complimented my hair colour! It’s quite thin material so I can wear it in summer and not be too warm, but can also snuggle up in it in winter too. I think it’s fairly easy to dress up and down as well; one evening I wore it to a gig accompanies with black shorts, tights and thigh high boots and it gave it a casual/effortless glam look.

Beff xx


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