MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

I picked up this gorgeous palette the other day from Superdrug (sorry Boots) for just £4 (yes, £4)! It’s from the MUA (Make Up Academy) brand and is called the Heaven and Earth palette. It includes some of the most gorgeous nude and bronze shades and I was way too excited to try it out so I’m going to do a quick talk through a makeup look I tried with it.


Okay, so the palette doesn’t name the individual shades, so I’ll number them 1-12, so 1-6 on the top row and 7-12 on the bottom row.


The colours are so pigmented and shimmery, so ace for a glam look.

For the base shade my Real Techniques base brush to sweep shade 4 across my whole lid, shade 7 on my outer lid and blended shade 5 (my absolute favourite in the palette) in the crease with my Real Techniques crease brush and on my lower lash line. To finish the look, shade 1 was dabbed in the inner corner with the Real Techniques accent brush, and also on my brow bone as a highlight.


I’ve never considered myself as being very good at makeup, but this palette is brilliant because the shades blend so well together! I’d say it’s a great little starter palette for those wanted to play around with makeup a little bit more, and at £4, it definitely wont break the bank.

Beff xx


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