Not one family holiday is complete without a family drama; ours happened before we ever got halfway there.
Travelling to Newquay should take 4 hours and 45 minutes on average… It took us double. That’s not the drama though.

An award-winning tantrum-throwing toddler kicking my chair the whole way there. That wasn’t the drama either.

Being stuck in traffic so slow that Jake got out to have a cigarette on the motorway. Nope, not the drama.

The drama occurred when my sister, following my Dad’s car, says, ‘Let’s play a game. Let’s see what shapes we can spot in the clouds!‘ Between arguing whether a particular cloud looked like a bunny or an aeroplane *clunk* my sister drove into the back of Dad’s car.

So yeah, an eventful trip down here.

Right, let me explain the title of this post Blog-iday – I’m hoping to blog every day whilst I’m on holiday! Caravans aren’t really signal friendly, so I will try my best!
I’m off to go and drink my bodyweight in amoretto in a deadly game of Ring Of Fire, so I will post when I can!

Beff xx


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