Beach, Booze and Baboons

Blazing sun meant definite beach day. We headed into town in the morning and set up camp on Great Western beach.

Bikini on, cans cracked and music playing; I couldn’t have been more in my element with the sun beating down on my back.

Cold ham and hot chip butties are a family favourite on the beach and are an essential part of the picnic. Munching away listening to the waves breaking on the shore was bliss

The sea was in high tide, so cooling off in the water was only a couple of meters away. We were splashing in shallow water with my 18 month old niece before I was swooped off my feet and dunked in by Jake being mischievous!

A few hours later we headed back to the campsite to compare sunburns and get ready to go to town that evening.

Our night out meant that a Bar Crawl was inevitable. Bank holiday weekend is Newquay’s 3rd busiest weekend, behind New Year in second place and Boardmasters weekend taking the top spot.

£15 for a ticket got us free admission into 5 bars and 6 free shots. The first bar was Koola Bar, a relatively cheesy vibe, however it was only 9:15, and the bar didn’t turn into a strip club until 10. Thankfully, we’d left by then for Chy bar next door where we had more Apple and Raspberry Sour shots and listened to some house.

The next bar made me feel like I was back at home on a night out up Hanley: Walkabout. More shots and Disaronno’s as we we’re entertained by hen’s and stag’s playing the cereal box game. The game involved picking up a cereal box with your teeth – no hands allowed; knees not allowed to touch the floor. The box gets gradually smaller until it’s simply a piece of cardboard and I’m sure you can imagine the results!

The next bar was a little bit further away at the top end of town; a cute little Irish bar called Bertie O’Flannigan’s. The bar was a sweat box, so we weren’t in there long before heading next door to Bertie’s Nightclub next door (nicknamed Dirty Bertie’s, the floor makes the dancefloor of The Sugarmill look clean). Some unusual lap dances occurred on stage with more stags and hens… Pete Wicks from TOWIE was making a guest appearance, so my fan girl sister made us stay in there for 2 and a half hours to await his arrival – still a no show at 1:30, so we decided to make tracks and grab a pizza from the takeaway across the road before heading home.

A nice lie in this morning with a cup of tea as we waited to see what the weather would be like, we pondered the many things to do in Newquay on milder days. We decided to take a trip to Newquay Zoo. It’s a pretty small zoo, however it was worth it just to see my niece get so excited about anything and everything, especially monkeys. Highlights of the trip were definitely watching the lions get fed and seeing the penguins waddle around!

I’m now sprawled across the sofa all snuggley in my new Saltrock hoodie that I picked up for a bargain of £30 instead of £70. I’m going to eat enough pizza to kill a small horse and drink double the amount of vodka. Oh, and I’ve got to have a jäger bomb (or 10), it’s my brother’s birthday after all and it’s tradition.

Beff xx


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