I Caught Crabs!

No, not that kind. We travelled about an hour to St. Ives, a little fishing village in Cornwall, to go crabbing on the harbour. We armed ourselves with nets, buckets and shrimp and the competition commenced: Jake and I vs. Mum vs. Kirsty vs. Joe. The contender(s) with the most crabs wins.

It was a slow start, everyone else seemed to be getting crabs, bar Jake and I, but then it was thick and fast and we had caught 2 little green pinchers! Before we knew it, we had collectively caught 40 crabs! We took the bucket back down to the water and tipped them all onto the shore and watched them sidestep back into the water.

I then had my first icecream of the holiday: vanilla and candyfloss with Cornish clotted cream and a flake. We sat in the harbour enjoying our icecreams until mum’s was stolen by a seagull that also whacked her up the side of the face.


St. Ives is a beautiful little village with quirky little shops in every nook and cranny of its narrow streets; a very cute tourist destination!

Beff xx


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