Cute Cacti

Whenever I write the word cacti all I think of is that scene from Jackass where Ryan Dunn and Steve-O are arguing about whether the plural of cactus is cacti, or infact, cactus. I stand by cacti.

I recently received my A-Level results (Distinction*, A, B, C) and as a little well done gift my sister brought me the cutest cactus notebook from Charms and Chains! This is because about 2 years ago we were at the garden centre and I was choosing my cacti (and being very fussy about which ones I wanted); one of them pricked me and I sort of whispered ‘ow! Spikey!’ and my sister wets herself laughing thinking about it to this day.


I decided that I’m going to get a little collection of cactus themed stationary to take to uni with me. So far I’ve picked up these adorable little erasers for 99p from Dairyland’s gift shop; a green Bic pen and a green memory card.


If anyone knows where I can find myself a cactus pen/pencil or more cute notebooks, let me know!

Beff xx


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