Smells Like Teen Spirit

Newquay is full of little hippy shops with names like Harmony and Razzmatazz. I’ve been after a funky ash catcher and incense sticks and have found some beautiful scents, so I’m going to share them with you and rate them 1-5.

img_75065. Raspberry Rose – a gentle mix of fruity and floral

4. Baking Brownies – smells just like dark chocolate brownies

3. Fizzy Pop – this one actually smells fizzy, like orange Fanta

2. Cherry Vanilla – such a fresh fragrance that smells sweets

1. Nirvana – my absolute favourite which has quite an earthy scent with a hint of vanilla


I can’t wait to burn these and find some shops local in Stoke that sell different and unique scents rather than boring sandalwood and lavender. If anyone knows of any, let me know!

Beff xx



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