Love For Long Island

The Exchange, Hanley, is my second home. It’s where I am most weekends and any afternoon when I need to get some work done. For a bar, it’s a surprisingly productive work space.

After my cocktail tasting session with REBEL where the team and I rated some of the cocktails on the new menu, I realised that I’d never taken advantage of their 2-4-1 cocktail offer (Mon-Fri 6pm-10pm). On Friday, Leah and I we’re holding down the REBEL fort making sure everything was in place for The Guru’s headline with FLIIIS. As we waited for the band to soundcheck, Leah ordered me a Long Island Iced Tea. ‘What’s in it?’… ‘It’s coke and lots and lots of alcohol, you’ll like it.’


We sat on the comfy sunken sofas of The Exchange’s familiar, homely bar and I took a sip of my cocktail. A Long Island Iced Tea is made with gin, vodka, triple sec, rum and tequila with a splash (literally a splash) of coke, so I was half expecting sickening nostalgia (tequila is not my friend), but was very, very pleasantly surprised! You would expect to be overwhelmed with too many white spirits in one drink, but the LIIT – no, not the American slang – actually just tastes like a really limey coke? You don’t really notice the alcohol (until you’re at the bottom and you’re half-cut from one drink) because it tastes so smooth!

Pornstar Martini used to be in the lead, but I can confidently say that the Long Island Iced Tea has knocked it off the podium and taken the top spot.

Beff xx


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