Disposable Snaps #2

I’ve been to get another beloved disposable developed this week; slightly grumpy at the fact the prices have gone up and that the machine wasn’t working so it took a week rather than an hour… but  hey ho, I have my photos

These are from June to mid-August, so include photos from Lakefest (my very first festival as press), and a few drunken gigs and nights out – enjoy laughing at my face.

Here are some of my favourites:


These are some photos of Leah Hamer and I at Lakefst 2016! It was our first festival as press and we made some ace memories that night including watching Primal Scream from side of stage, meeting Natalia Tena (Tonks from Harry Potter) and getting very glittery!


Jake is slowly learning that I take photos at every opportunity… and he has to be in them… and he has to smile. These images are from some nights out in June and August.


My last favourite set of images are from 19th August where Leah and I put on our very first gig at The Exchange! Lots of cocktail-fueled selfies were taken.

I’m already half way through another disposable which has my holiday photos on! I’m super excited to get that one filled up and developed!

Beff xx


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