My Kanken

Before the start of every academic year, my aim is to find the perfect rucksack to carry all my cute new stationary and fancy planners in. This year, I found the bag that will not only serve my first year at Uni, but will be my baby for all 3 years and for the foreseeable future. My Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack in Plum.


I noticed these bags being worn around Manchester some years back; clearly a trend at the time. I’d never heard of the brand, and cared little for the fact that they were everywhere. Whilst on holiday this year searching for ‘the one’, something inside me just said ‘I need one of them backpacks’ – literally out of nowhere. Not a single shop sold them, so I waited until I was back home where I ordered the little beauty from Urban Outfitters (after several attempts die to website crashes, grr).With student discount, I paid around £62 for the bag, which is actually a really good price for a bag that’s going to last.

What I love about the design is the fact that it is so spacious – like Mary Poppins’ bag! It fits so much stuff in which is great for University students that usually need to carry quite a lot of stuff around like laptops, lunch boxes and work. It’s got the main compartment as well as front pocket, side pocket (for things like water bottles) and an inside pocket. Apparently the bags were designed to stop school children in Sweden from getting bad backs. This is perfect! I suffer a lot with my back due to it being slightly curved and having one shoulder lower than the other. Hopefully this backpack will help alleviate my back pain.


The bag is also incredibly versatile in that it can be carried both on your back and by its handles at the top. I find that the handles are a brilliant idea especially if you have chronic paranoia about someone stealing from your bag when having to stand up on buses/trains etc. I may sound dramatic, but I’d rather be safe than sorry! If all of this wasn’t enough to sell it to you, it’s also completely waterproof (screw you British weather!)

I’m genuinely contemplating buying every colour. Okay, maybe not every colour, but the black ones and mustard ones are equally as beautiful. It’s pretty tempting. So, if you’re still searching for the perfect student bag – I’d highly recommend this funky little number.

Beff xx


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