I’ve been working for Boots for nearly 18 months now, and god, I bloody love my job. This week I’ve been testing some of our products and new releases including Maybelline’s  Rock Nudes eyeshadow palette (£9.99), Maybelline’s Master Strobing Stick (£6.99), Barry M’s Colour Correcting Kit (£5.99) and a favourite of MUA’s: the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99).

Now, I’ve never really understood makeup sponges. I’ve always thought they’d more rub makeup off than put it on for you. Primark knock-offs do just that, then again, what do you expect for 70p? As soon as you get the Real Techniques sponge out of the packaging you can feel the huge difference in textures between the sponges. Primark’s feel rough and quite difficult to squeeze whereas the RT sponge is silky and has a lot more freeness to it, it literally glides over your face.

I used the sponge to blend the concealers of the Barry M palette. The green, purple and coral concealers are all used to help balance the skin tone and give a more even glow. I suffer terribly with blemishes and dark under-eyes, so this colour correcting technique is amazing for fixing that. Using the coral under the eyes to neutralise the veiny purple shades, purple on cheeks, forehead and chin to create a brightening effect, then green in redder areas and on blemishes (so mainly T-zone).

The Maybelline Master Strobing Stick applies smoothly and shimmers like glitter (who doesn’t love glitter). You simply dab or swipe it over your cheekbones to highlight them and then you do have to blend It a little with it being a creamier finish as opposed to a powder. I had previously been using the Natural Collection highlighter which is of similar consistency, but Maybelline’s is definitely a higher quality finish, producing a beautiful glow.

Since I was trying out the Maybelline Rock Nudes eyeshadow palette, I figured I needed to be a little daring (you know, a makeup look that gives the ‘I smash guitars on stage’ look). I decided to try my first ever cut crease using the 2 shades of black above the crease and the pink shimmery shade below, finishing the shadow with some winged eyeliner. This is an amazing palette for the brave, heavy eye makeup lovers and perfect for those wanted to play with some darker shades as we approach Halloween!

What’s even better is that at the moment, you can buy the Rock Nudes palette and Strobing Stick for just £13.49 due to a buy one get one half price offer.

A final point I have to add is that the Miracle Complexion Sponge cleans amazingly. Straight after using it I used the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser (also available at Boots) and warm water and the makeup came straight off. I’m usually at the sink getting cramp in my hands trying to wash my Primark sponge. I think it’s a brilliant little tool that is an essential for everyone’s makeup bag!

Beff xx


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