Instagramable Cocktails at DV8

Down a small side alley in Congleton, DV8 is a popular hotspot for the lovers of creative cocktails.

After recently launching its new menu, the girls and I knew it was a must to go and try one of the new creations.


On arrival we scouted out a table and decided to take a cosy seat outside under the canopy. Our server, Jordan, lit one of the large gas heaters for us whilst we grabbed large tartan blankets to wrap around ourselves.

DV8 are renowned for their innovative cocktail creations, served in anything from a bathtub, to a watering can, garnished with treats from Haribo’s to Twister ice lollies. Every cocktail has the wow-factor, each with an enticing name.

Amongst the new menu was the berry blast that is Instagramable. Well, yeah, it is instagramable as it’s served in a camera lens cup, garnished with raspberries and finished off with a polaroid picture; but Instagramable is actually the name of the little beauty.


I’m not a huge fan of the cocktails that taste of vodka upon vodka upon vodka, so Instagramable was perfect as it’s so smooth. Created with Absolut Cherry Vodka, Absolut Currant Vodka shaken with cherry syrup, raspberry puree and apple juice, Instagramable is an easy drink with bursts of fruity flavours.


After a huge portion of my favourite sweet potato fries, Leah and I shared the Cookie Dough Tower desert. This massive chocolate cookie pud is not one to tackle alone. 3 giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between layers of fluffy cream, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with warm chocolate sauce. It’s the desert of dreams if you’ve got a sweet tooth!


DV8 are cocktail connoisseurs with fast and friendly servers (with great banter) offering brilliant and professional customer service within a cosy, welcoming environment.

Beff xx


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