The Top 5 Must-Watch Christmas Films

Who doesn’t love watching Christmas movies? Nothing better than a Sunday night under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a festive film! In no particular order, here are what I feel to be the best Christmas films.

5. Home Alone

It doesn’t matter how many times you watch Marv get hit in the face with an iron, it’s hilarious.


4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Because Tim Burton is a genius. Is it a Christmas film? Is it a Halloween film? Who knows but it’s brilliant.


3. Elf

I think that Elf is the film that makes your inner child excited for Christmas because Will Ferrell’s energy is just admirable.


2. The Muppets Christmas Carol

This is so brilliantly made. Who doesn’t love The Muppets?


1. The Grinch

The Grinch is my all-time favourite Christmas movie and I watch it every year without fail. Jim Carrey has me in absolute stitches, even more so now that I actually understand the jokes! Favourite bit? ‘oooooh, aaaaaah. THAT’S IT I’M NOT GOING’ #relatable.


Beff xx


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