Better Wrapping Than Kanye

Bad pun. I know. But seriously; I am so proud of my Christmas gift wrapping this year!


I managed to get all of my gift wrap and accessories cheap too – wrapping can look mint on a student budget too.


I got these 3 gorgeous rose gold wrapping papers from Card Factory for just £1.99, along with 3 different types of ribbon for 99p and 30 Christmas cards for 99p.


I think getting a variety of wrapping paper is better than using the one, because it makes it look a lot more exciting. Last year, I wrapped all of my gifts in brown parcel paper with ribbon, and it looked so boring compared to this year.


I got my luggage label gift tags from Home Bargains and used a 49p stencil and an orange glitter gel pen to stencil everybody’s names onto them.

It soon became clear that I hadn’t picked up nearly enough ribbon or luggage tags, so I had to pick some more up, however I can’t complain at wrapping all of my gifts for about a fiver.

The other labels I used to spell names out like Kirsty and Mum are bunting pieces we’ve had in the house for years, I believe that they’re also from Home Bargains in the wedding section. I thought it’d be a nice personal touch. I think that’s the key to making your Christmas wrapping that extra bit special; taking care and being thoughtful.


I also like to trick people, sometimes. Some gifts can be too obvious to guess when wrapped, so I put them in boxes so that it’s impossible to spoil the surprise. I’ve had to do this with one of Jake’s presents. Mum and Kirsty also have little bits and bobs of things that kind of aren’t worth wrapping individually because they’re small in size, so I’ve put those in cute glittery boxes from Card Factory too (about £1 each).

I’m actually so excited for Christmas this year. I can’t to see everyone’s faces when they open their presents, and it’s mine and Jake’s first Christmas together so it’s going to be really lovely.


In the run up to Christmas, I may be a little quiet. I have a lot of Uni exams and deadlines, but at Christmas you’ll be getting a 12 Days of Christmas blog. That means I’ll be blogging every day after Christmas until January 6th, where something really exciting will be happening on the blog! I suggest you follow the blog to get an e-mail update because you won’t want to miss it!

Beff xx


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