Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

Working at Boots means that I get to keep tabs on what’s selling and what’s not. One of the products that has been coming through my till a lot recently is the Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. It’s been on offer for 99p for a fortnight or so, so I decided to try it and see what the big hype is about by incorporating it into my quick skincare routine as an added extra.

First of all I used took my makeup off with my No7 face wipes (minus my eyebrow, else I’d have scared you all to death with the selfies), I always stock up on these when the £5 off No7 skincare vouchers are on at Boots because, with my discount, it means I get £7 face wipes for 42p. You’ll never see a bargain like that.


Next I used my Tea-Tree Foaming Wash (£3ish) with my No7 Cleansing Brush, the brush gently exfoliates and makes you feel so much smoother, plus the tea tree will help get rid of my spots. It’s priced at £24.95, but if you wait until the £5 off No7 vouchers come back, you can grab one for just £19.95!

I used the Boots Essentials Cucumber Toner on a cotton pad, this gets rid of the excess oil in my skin, these are £1.50 or 4 for £3 at the minute, so get them while you can.

Then it was time to test out the Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. The mask is soaked in a super-hydrating serum that aims to deeply moisturise are rehydrate skin. It smells amazing; it’s super fruity, so it gets 5/5 for scent! Just pull it out of the packet, carefully unfold and apply the white tissue side to your face, smoothing out the edges to ensure it’s properly applied. Then you can peel back the blue film before you leave the mask to soak in for 15 minutes – just enough time for a nice cup of tea! Apparently it contains the same amount of hydration as a weeks’ worth of day cream.

After using the mask, I dabbed off the excess serum with a towel and my skin felt absolutely glowing! Even 3 hours later it feels moisturised and soft. It’s a gorgeous little pamper treat at just 99p, so get yourselves in Boots and pick one up (or keep an eye on my blog for a special little surprise on January 6th!)

*laugh alert – because I left my brows on, on mask removal, the mask gained some killer eyebrows*


Beff xx



2 Comments Add yours

  1. chelsea says:

    Will definitely be trying one of these masks after your review. I love how your eyebrows transferred on to it hahaha.


    1. Haha yes it proper made me giggle!xxx


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