Ultimate Megababes

We all have a girl crush… or 2… or 10.

Musicians, models and megabeauts, here are my top 10 celebrity girl crushes in no particular order.

Simone Butler – Bassist for Primal Scream. 38-years-old, legs like a goddess, and plays bass in 6 inch heeled boots. Sassy babe. Her style is so cool too, often sporting leather and funky vintage patterns. When I saw her live last weekend, it was leather A-line skirt, teamed with a leopard print top and big black boots. If someone can also tell me what hairspray she uses, I’d be grateful, because that fringe does not move on stage!


Cara Delevingne – the big browed babe that started the big brow trend. Cara has been rocking the messy brow look whilst teaching us that it’s okay to be a little weird. Her fierce modelling shoots leave me gobsmacked; Jake and I would probably fight over her.


Suki Waterhouse – another supermodel queen. Suki is one of the most naturally gorgeous models there is. Plus her new range ‘Pop and Suki’ is ultimate pink aesthetic goals.

Kieran Harnett

Angelina Jolie – do I need to say anything more other than ‘cheekbones’. Damn Ange is jaw-droppingly stunning, which I only properly realised last week when I finally watched Maleficent, which has an absolutely brilliant storyline! A proper good twist on a traditional fairy tale! Jolie absolutely rocks the contour and red lips.


Priscilla Presley – Seeing photos of Elvis and Priscilla together when they were young is adorable. Queen of winged eyeliner and big hair. Even still, at 71, obviously having undergone some surgery, she still looks amazing for her age.


Alexa Chung – I got Alexa’s book IT for Christmas last year. Alexa takes inspiration from hundreds of funky fashion icons and makes it her own. That’s what makes me adore Alexa. I envy her very much for dating Alex Turner. But I do adore her and her quirky little illustrations in her book.


Kate Moss – Do I need to explain this one? Who doesn’t fancy Mossy? Kate Moss can sell absolutely anything just by standing next to it. That’s how fit she is.


Debbie Harry – aka. Blondie is my Mum’s favourite singer and my Dad’s celebrity crush. Her punkish style proved that you don’t need to dress up to look hot. Wearing black high-waisted jeans and a band tshirt is perfectly acceptable. Debs has challenged the fashion industry throughout her career and has created some of the most iconic, timeless looks we wear today.


Ella Eyre – the hair. I attempted to give myself massive hair like Ella’s once, and while it looked pretty cool for about 10 minutes, it soon turned frizzy. If only we could click our fingers and have hair that big, beautiful and bouncy. Ella Eyre also taught me that I can wear a catsuit and be comfortable with my body. Ella Eyre is the reason I have a gold glittery catsuit in my wardrobe.


Lana Del RayLana rocks every era. 40’s style waves, 60’s beehive, 70s-esque straight middle parting. Her gorgeous locks are to die for. Her bad girl, vintage, retro style will forever have me swooning, along with her seductive vocals and melancholic music.

Lana Del Rey in Vogue

So there we have it: my 10 ultimate megababes. Let me know who yours are!

Beff xx




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