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I decided to put this blog post in your hands. I asked you guys to give me some questions to answer over social media. Some were interesting to say the least, but others have been total no-brainers! Thank you to everyone that sent in a question… so internet, here are your answers.

Question 1: What are your top three beauty products?

Okay, I’m going to split this into make-up and general beauty.

My top three makeup products would have to be my Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in Auburn, my MAC Lipsticks (Stone and Velvet Teddy) and highlighterrrrrr… anything to give me a sparkle!

My top three general beauty products are my Soap and Glory Rich and Famous Body Wash, my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (how did I live without this for so long???) and any Lush bath bomb, they’re amazing and I always have a stash just after Christmas and run out in like February/March time.

Question 2: Americano or Latte

I don’t actually drink any coffee! I could never stand the smell, and when I was younger I was at a friend’s house and their mum made me a mocha and I hated it but I was too polite to say, so I just drank it and ate my Biscoff biscuit (which I also can’t stand) and have forever hated coffee.

Question 3: Do you like Nicki Minaj?

In a word, no. However, as a street dancer I have to appreciate chart music, R’n’B and all of that sorta stuff, and whenever I’m stuck for a song to choreograph to, Nicki is my go to gal because of her beats. I also find her lyrics quite comical at times, but no, I don’t particularly like her.

Question 4: Top 10 favourite songs

Hard question. These aren’t a definitive list due to the fact I can hear a song one day and be like ‘oh my god, I’ve not heard this in years and it’s actually amazing’, bet here goes:

  • Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen
  • Blossoms – Charlemagne
  • Catfish and The Bottlemen – most songs from The Balcony and a few from The Ride (you can’t make me choose)
  • David Bowie – Starman orrrrrr Let’s Dance
  • The Enemy – This Song
  • The Fratellis – most of Costello Music, probably Henrietta? Maybe, Got Ma Nuts From A Hippie
  • Jaws – Gold
  • Oasis – Cigarettes and Alcohol… Headshrinker is a tune as well
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop
  • The Smiths – they have some amazing tracks, but This Charming Man is a classic
  • The Stone Roses – She Bangs The Drums, Love Spreads, Fools Gold
  • Maximo Park – Books from Boxes and Questing, not Coasting
  • Peace – 1998

Few more than 10 on there, but if I had to make a really restricted playlist, that’d probably be it

Question 5: What is your honest opinion of school/college?

As a young child, I excelled in school. That made me a major victim for bullying. The ginger hair and glasses probably didn’t help my case. I moved school at aged 10, where I had developed acne, and the bullying persisted. I stuck it out. High school was quite a nice experience compared to my earlier school days. We start high school in year 9 in Biddulph, which is probably better as it means that everyone is just that bit older and more mature. Year 11, 12 and 13 were my better years, where I had more creational choices such as my GCSE subjects and A-Level choices. By the end of Sixth Form, I did feel as though I was being treated as a child. I’d had my university offers and was getting grumpy, ready to leave the joint. The tragedy of my friend, Jordan, passing away during the beginning of Year 13 didn’t help much, I was miserable and didn’t cope well with the loss. 1 year on I’m at university and I couldn’t be happier. My life is finally taking the direction it should, and I know that this is where I’m supposed to be.

Question 6: Cats or Dogs?

Dogs. Definitely. I’ve owned both; we’ve had an German Shepherd x Great Dane called Max, and his companion Kyra, a German Shepherd x Border Collie, both of which looked like werewolves living in our back yard. Now, we have Delylah, my little Staffie. We used to have a cat, called Sodi-pops, which looked identical to the cat from the Felix advert. The cat didn’t care much for me. I find cats are nonchalant, whereas dogs just want you to love them, which is why I prefer them, they’re always happy to see you.

Question 7: If you could have a dinner party with 5 famous people, who would it be?

Noel and Liam Gallagher (can they be classed as one person?), Johnny Marr, David Bowie, Cara Delevingne and Jimmy Carr. We’d have the Gallaghers scrapping up a corner, Cara being Cara, Jimmy Carr makes me laugh till my lungs hurt and since reading Set The Boy Free, I’ve discovered that Johnny is even cooler than I initially thought, and Bowie is just an icon.

Question 8: ‘Scone’ or ‘Scon’

Debate time. It’s spelt ‘scone’, and therefore should be pronounced ‘scone’. Did the reprobates that say ‘scon’ never learn about the magic E at school whereby adding –e to the end of a word elongates the vowel? For example pin to pine or fin to fine.

Question 9: What are your plans for the future?

Well. They’re top secret. But my all-time dream would be that REBEL and BeffShuff really take-off and become worldly known publications and I can work from home, or in our cute little office and go to gigs and read books all the time and get free beauty products to review. I have a lot of faith in this dream.

Question 10: Favourite film and why

This Is England. Shane Meadows is a genius and really captures everything down to a T. The actors are iconic. The series that follow are equally as brilliant. This show deserves so much more credit than it has.

Question 11: Top five albums of 2016

David Bowie – Blackstar

Primal Scream – Chasmosis

Catfish and The Bottlemen – The Ride

Blink-182 – California

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – The Getaway

Jaws – Simplicity

Sorry that’s 6 but they’re brilliant

Question 12: If you were stranded on a desert island with food and water, what luxury item would you take?

A ship. Get me home. I’m a city girl at heart. Leah Hamer and I discovered this at Lakefest earlier this year, can’t even hack 48 hours in Hereford.

Question 13: What is your favourite make-up brand?

Hmmm. I love Sleek’s selection and think it’s really beautiful and affordable. But damn if I had the money to by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I definitely would.

Question 14: Who is your idol?

David Bowie. Hands down. There’s  something about him that really resonates with me.

Question 15: What is your favourite fashion trend?

At the minute I’m really doting on boots. Heeled boots, ankle boots, chelsea boots, velvet boots, patterned boots, all kinds of boots! I’m also really loving anything embroidered with flowers, like those cute vintage jeans, mesh tops and dresses. Andddd, since it’s Christmas it’s time for everyone to get on the velvet bandwagon, and I am totally there! Love it.

Question 16: If you could wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be?

Definitely black. I own a heck of a lot of black clothes and other dark colours like burgundy.

Question 17: What’s been your favourite gig of the year and who are you looking forward to seeing next year?

Either The Stone Roses at The Etihad or Catfish and The Bottlemen at Castlefield Bowl. The Roses was iconic, it was a massive comeback and the atmosphere was amazing. I probably wouldn’t pay to see them again, it’s a been there, done that, brought the t-shirt gig. Catfish on the other hand are a much smaller band, and their following is a cult of sorts. Castlefield bowl was rammed, Jake had me on his shoulders for the entire extended version of Tyrants and it was phenomenal. It’s so refreshing to hear a new band coming out with something different. Catfish are going to be one of the biggest bands in history. Mark my words.

I don’t currently have any gigs booked, but I’m hoping to get a press pass for Blossoms, and I’d really like to see Jaws.

Question 18: Would you rather live underwater or outerspace?

I can’t swim, so water would be out of the question. I fear that outerspace would be incredibly lonely and if anything were to happen it would take a very long time for someone to help you. At least living underwater, you’re essentially a mermaid, right?

Question 19: What is yours and Jake’s song?

Hourglass by Catfish and The Bottlemen. One night we were lay in bed listening to a subdued playlist including Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche, a beautiful piano piece that Jake introduced me to. It’s very nice to fall asleep to. Hourglass came on and we both began humming the tune and when the track had finished it was just a significant point in my life where I knew that everything was finally falling into place.

Question 20: What’s your proudest moment in journalism?

There’s been a few. Most recently, I was able to photograph Primal Scream and The Fratellis. The press pass into Lakefest was a really fulfilling weekend, as was my university enrolment onto my Journalism course. There’s a lot of things I’m incredibly proud of, probably seemingly insignificant to a lot of you, but every article and opportunity is a building block for my career, and I am proud of every single one.

Question 21: What is your happy song?

If ever I feel sad, I know the The Fratellis – Costello Music album will cheer me up, or equally, Madness – Complete Madness. Come on Eileen is also one that makes my heart happy when it comes on.

Question 22: What is your crying song?

Keep Your Head up by Ben Howard, it kind of reminds me that I need to be stronger.

Question 23: What is your favourite item of clothing?

Currently the dress I’ve just brought for my birthday antics. I shall be posting about it soon. It’s a little black number with cold shoulders and cute embroidery, I’m really excited to get it on!

Question 24: How do you get your plaits so perfect?

I don’t, my mum does!

Question 25: Pineapples on pizza or off?

No. Pineapples do not belong on a pizza.

Question 26: If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?

I’d love to visit America and do a little tour. I have family over there in Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan and friends in New York, so it’d be fairly easy to find places to stay and have my own personal tour guides!

Thanks to everyone for asking me these questions, it’s been really fun to write this post!

Beff xx


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