Mezmris Mini-Mani

The lovely Sammi at Mezmris Nail Lacquer, an independent Stoke-based company, gifted me 4 amazing nail polishes to test out for my blog. Since my mum was off out for the night, I treated her to a little mini-manicure using the products.

I started by filing her nails and moisturising with the Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream before applying a clear coat of the Armor top coat as a base.


I then used the Eat My Truffle shade which is a gorgeous nude with a mocha kind of tone to it, it’s a really rich and warm. So makes the perfect wintery colour. The paint goes on smoothly, evenly and with full coverage, so there isn’t actually a need for a second coat. It dries super-fast too, and I mean, like, really fast; faster than any other nail polish I’ve used which is brilliant because I get so annoyed having to stay still for 30 minutes after I’ve painted my nails for them to still smudge the second I move. Even when I accidentally stuck my finger straight on mum’s nail, there wasn’t even a finger print mark on the polish.


To make the nails a little more festive, I used Gold Fizz, which is my new current favourite and I will forever be bedazzling my nails with it from here on out. It’s gorgeous. Different sizes glitters in a clear polish give a foil effect and leave your nails shimmering and sparkling. I actually may coat everything in it. I absolutely adore it.


To finish off I sealed the glam look with Armor again and mum’s mini-mani was complete and she loves the polishes just as much as I do.


The other polish I was given was called Psychedelic Galaxy and is exactly as the name suggests, however, as I keep mentioning in some other blogs, I’ll be saving this for something special! Keep your eyes on the blog.

Beff xx


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