Disposable Snaps #3

It’s taken me what feels like forever to fill up this disposable film and get it developed. This camera has lasted me since my holiday in August, all the way through to the end of October!

Let’s start off with my holiday snaps, which are mainly pictures of Jake and I, with the odd photo of my family or my niece thrown in.

I asked my sister to take a photo of Jake and I, not 5, but they are mega cute (in my opinion, it’ll probably make everyone else vom in their mouths).


Here are some snaps of my little family, and my niece causing havoc on the beach.


And here are more photos of Jake and I on holiday. Seeing all of these photos is making me so excited to go away again next year.


This next set of photos is from our crazy night out at the Sugarmill to celebrate my brother coming home from the Faulklands and to compensate missing his birthday because he was over there. This may possibly have been the drunkest I’ve been in a long time, so excuse the blurred photos, half cut off heads and pink cheeks.


Finally, the last photo of the series is from October when the REBEL team hit up Screamfest.


Beff xx


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