Unicorn Hot Chocolate

I saw this Pinterest-perfect idea on Facebook a couple of days ago and I knew I had to try it. Hot chocolate is the ultimate festive holiday warm beverage for getting cosy next to the fire with, so why not make it a touch more interesting?

To make my unicorn hot chocolate I used:img_0841

  • Options White Choc hot chocolate
  • Milk
  • Sainsbury’s mini marshmallows
  • Anchor squirty cream
  • Shimmer Sugar
  • Hologram Rainbow Dust
  • A glass mason jar

First I made the hot chocolate with the Options powder and milk in an ordinary mug, before pouring the contents into a mason jar. This is so that the heat doesn’t crack the jar when it’s coming straight from a kettle.


Next I layered a blanket of marshmallows that would melt into the hot chocolate causing an absolute gooey heaven.


Then a rather large helping of squirty cream.


Marshmallows, shimmer sugar, pink and white sugar pearls and holographic rainbow dust were added on top of the cream before adding more cream.

To finish off the unicorn appearance, I piped cream onto the edge of my jar as a ‘mane’ and added the straw for a horn.

There we have it; the cutest, girliest winter warmer for all of your glittery needs.

Beff xx


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