Birthday Shenanigans

First thing I did on the morning of my birthday was wake up and take a selfie. I looked older already. Shortly after, I dropped my phone and smashed the screen – so far, so good.

2 cups of tea later and I was allowed to open presents, which is always made into a big deal in our household where everybody has to sit down and watch the unwrapping (like everyone doesn’t already know what everyone has got me).

My brother has got me the most gorgeous Dr Martens tartan scarf I’ve ever seen, alongside some adorable velvet Chelsea boots I’ve been pining for for weeks. Only problem is is that they’re too small, and out of stock in a size 5 everywhere bar Telford, so a lovely staff member from Telford is actually bringing me the size 5 they have in their store to Stoke. My parents got me a cute retro Casio digital watch. They brought me a similar one for my 16th I believe, which I dropped in a curry house, never to be seen again. It’s a really cute and dainty everyday watch, meaning I can save my leather Daniel Wellington one for occasions.

I spent the majority of my birthday lazing around and doing my makeup for the evening, oh and telling off the toddler thinking it’s okay to wreck the living room instead of watching Jungle Book (mainly because she was screaming through The Jungle Book and I wanted to watch it more than she did).

Jake finally dragged his lazy butt out of bed (he’s been working nights over Christmas and is forgiven for sleeping until 4:30pm) and came to see me. I was well and truly spoilt rotten with a pug teddy, which I’ve named Doug, because I always send him pug videos, a Pandora charm and a Fred Perry polo which I adore and is going to be my Christmas evening outfit.

My outfit for tonight was Christmas dress number 2, the second little beauty I ordered from Missguided along with my orange velvet number. This black cold shoulder dress takes its own twist on a classic LBD, but modernises itself with on-trend embroidery, which I didn’t even realise was on-trend until this week when I actually ventured into the shopping centre. Either way, I’ve fallen in love with it and the embroidery is proper gorgeous. I paid £30 for this beaut, which is more that I’d usually spend when buying clothes for myself, but I just couldn’t resist.

The family made its way to The Cheshire Tavern for some food and a couple of drinks whilst I went to pick up my repaired phone, which now had an adorable new case thanks to Chris, the repair man!

Absolutely gorgeous food at The Cheshire Tavern, but with a large table booking, there is going to be the odd mistake, which were only incredibly minor and were resolved super quickly. The staff were absolutely amazing though; super accommodating and went totally above and beyond to fix any issues, whether it meant a free beer or a free dessert. The chef came out and personally apologised for the odd mistake and asked what the occasion was; he then returned a few minutes later with a bottle of prosecco and champagne flutes for us, on the house!, which was a really beautiful gesture.

After going for food, I went to visit my nan, who couldn’t make the meal due to having to look after my granddad. My gramps has Parkinson’s, cancer and dementia, so struggles to get about and can get quite confused. He’s not seen me for a few months, but the seconds he saw me he said ‘I know you, you’ve put weight on’; a kind of back handed compliment, but it was nice. He does have some good days, it was nice to see him smile.

Back home for a night of Celebrity Juice and cuddles, thinking about how many wonderful people I have in my life. I’ve had some really beautiful gifts this year, including a mermaid tail blanket that I’m get to receive from my sister, but I’m going to live in it for the foreseeable future. Thank you to everyone that’s wished me happy birthday, gotten me a card or a present, or just been a part of my year. I’m completely humbled at how many amazing people I know that have shared beautiful words with me today. Next stop, Christmas!

Here are some photos of the mega cute gifts I’ve had!

Beff xx


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