On the First Day of Christmas

A Crosley Harper wireless speaker (in mint green). I spotted this beaut in Urban Outfitters online and fell in love. At £80, it was quite a pricey purchase, and definitely not something that I was expecting as a gift, but my brother did very bloody good.


The speaker is the same make as my record player, and designed in the same style. It’s lighter in colour, but I’m hoping to mix my room up a little and get some minty accessories so it fits right in.

It can be used wirelessly with Bluetooth to play songs from my phone, plugged into the mains, used with headphones and even plugged into my record player to make them even louder, and damn does it go loud. My parents spend Christmas day telling me to turn my music down, only for it to creep back up again because a really good song came on.


It’s an Urban Outfitters exclusive, but has completely sold out in mint now, however, if you want to get your hands on one, they still have the brown wooden effect ones, which are equally as gorgeous.


Beff xx


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