On The Second Day Of Christmas

Cactus goodies!

After receiving some of my Christmas gifts, I’ve discovered that I’m clearly renowned for having an unhealthy obsession with cacti.

My sister got me this adorable notepad that says ‘All My Friends Are Plants’ on the front, as well as the most hilarious mug quoting ‘I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you sir, are a cactus’ which already had me crying laughing until I turned the mug around and it says ‘ouch… spikey!’ on the back. You see, there’s a story that my family laugh at, they say I’m on the autistic spectrum (I’m not, I’m just socially awkward and don’t like people getting in my personal space and/or being nosey and looking at what I’m buying, I mean, who does?) but anyway we were at the garden centre and I had chosen some cacti for my room and was carrying them in a cardboard box, people kept peering in it, and I’d lost my parents, so naturally I was a little on edge. My sister found me as I’d pricked my finger on a cactus and said ‘ouch… spikey’ to myself. They won’t let me live it down.  So yeah, personal reasons for this mug being totally funny.

Another adorable cactus gift was from Leah Hamer, and I got so excited because I bloody love stationary. A cactus pen. Yes, a pen shaped like a cactus; with the pen lid/holder being the plant pot. It’s awesome.  You’d think it would be awkward to write with but it actually writes really nice and smoothly! New uni pen I reckon.


My final cactus gift was from my brother, who’d already spent too much money on me. I little fake cactus in a white ceramic pot with cute pink flowers blooming, from Charms and Chains #shoplocal. It’s now on my drawers along with my cactus candle (from Sparrowhawk #shoplocal) and my mini terrarium cactus from Alex.


Beff xx


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