On The Fourth Day Of Christmas

Four tickets to see Jaws!

So there was a lack of communication with this gift.

Jake and I desperately wanted to go and see Jaws at the beginning of December, but I was skint and Jake had started to work night shifts.

I opened a card from my mum and dad, with Jake, which said that we needed to save the date on 25.04.17, because they’d brought us two tickets to see Jaws in Manchester. Little did I know that Jake’s mum, Jenni, had also brought us the same gift, leaving me a little print off in my card, just as my mum had done. We both thought they were in on it together, but nope, we now had four tickets to see Jaws, on the same day coincidentally!


We’ve sold two of the tickets to a friend who will be coming with us, so we can put the money towards a hotel or just drinks for the night, but it’s going to be a brilliant gig.

It’s definitely given me something to look forward to next year since it’s in April!

Beff xx


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