On The Fifth Day Of Christmas

Cold hard plastic (the best kind).

I’ve only ever brought myself one CD: What’s The Story? (Morning Glory) – Oasis.

I want a CD collection as big as my dad’s (massive), and I’m particular about them being purchased and not pirate copies. I don’t have a CD player, but I want them for when I get a car. My family and Jake have brought me some classics and some modern beauties.


Mum and Dad brought me three Oasis CD’s including their debut album, Definitely Maybe, The Masterplan and Familiar To Millions, one of the compilation albums with all of the most well-known tracks on.

Jake brought me another three CD’s, which are Tame Impala’s Currents which has some of the funkiest artwork ever; The Stone Roses second album, The Second Coming and finally, The Smiths Best… Three CD’s of three bands that we both love and listen to. I think Jake just wants to ensure he’ll be listening to decent music in my car.

My final CD added to my collection is The Sound of The Smiths, brought by my Uncle Dean. A 23 track disc of some of The Smiths best work (and Johnny Marr looks fit as anything on the front cover.

New editions to the record collection include Oasis – What’s The Story? (Morning Glory) from Mum and Dad, The Balcony by Catfish and The Bottlemen from Jake, and The Specials from Dad. Apparently it was a nightmare to get hold of (presumably because of the recent tour), but I can’t beat a bit of Madness or The Specials!

Beff xx


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