On The Sixth Day Of Christmas

Camera bits!

If you regularly read my blog, you’ll have seen that the last time I dined at DV8 I had a cocktail called Instagrammable, and it can served in the coolest cup, designed like a camera lens. I tried to bargain with the bar, a blog post for the cup. I lost the bargain and blogged anyway, but Mum and Dad got me a thermal travel mug in the shape of a lens, so now I’ll probably get some funny looks from people who think I’ve destroyed a real lens.

Another camera themed present I got was a camera shaped kaleidoscope from Leah, it’s such a quirky present and soooo me! I’ve had so much fun looking at funky patterns with it and making even tripper patterns!

Finally, the biggie. Mum and Dad always give us an ‘after dinner present’, which is our big, big present even though I already thought I’d had mine in the morning. I’ve had a new camera lens! It’s a Nikon, Nikkor lens, 50mm f/1.8G, it’s going to be ace for photographing gigs. I’ve even ordered myself a new camera rucksack because mine is nowhere near big enough for the amount of kit I have now.

I got the chance to test out my lens last night photographing Arcadia at Riff Factory, and here are a few of the snaps I got. The lens lets in so much more light than the other lenses I own and it has a gorgeous depth of field, I can’t wait to play with it more.

Beff xx


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