My New Year Resolutions

I said I wouldn’t be making resolutions this year, but after giving it much thought, I will probably benefit from making to odd change and creating some goals. I’m incredibly happy with how I am at the minute, but there is always room for improvement, so here are some of the things I’d like to bear in mind in 2017.

  • Swap Facebook for real books – I used to read so much that I can’t remember a part of my childhood when I didn’t have my head in a book. I used to get shouted at for being up too late reading Harry Potter, but now it’s being on Facebook at God knows what time
  • Pass my driving test – I passed my theory test at the beginning of December, I really want to pass my test so that I can buy myself a car and give myself a little more freedom
  • Look after my body – being anaemic officially sucks, especially when you don’t like greens and you can’t keep the tablets down, so I’ll more than likely be drinking a Guinness and black most nights, but if it keeps me out of the hospital then I’ll be happy. At the end of 2017 I want to be strong and healthy, not fainting and being exhausted from doing nothing
  • Invest more time in my family – this will be easier when I get a car, but I should see my grandparents more
  • Do something for charity – I mainly support CRY, Teenage Cancer Trust and Help For Heroes, so I’d like to do a little something for one of, or all of them
  • Have a more positive mind set – I have a tendency to get stuck in a negative rut, which I know brings a lot of people around me down too; I need to change that
  • Keep on top of uni work – this is something I have been doing, but I need to stop procrastinating whilst I’m working
  • Swear less – going to be hard but it needs to happen (according to mum)
  • Save money – I’ve been given a money box for Christmas that I’m going to put all my change in at the end of the week. I won’t be mega strict with it and if I need bus money or whatever, I’ll use it, but hopefully I’ll be able to save up until August and have a bit of spare cash for holiday, and then save until Christmas and get people something extra with it
  • Collect CD’s – why not. I’ll get one a month at least, and I’ll even try to listen to something other than indie, but by no means will I be getting something like Little Mix or Honey G

So there we are, 10 there right? Let’s see how long they last!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2017 and keep enjoying my bog posts!

Beff xx



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