On The Ninth Day Of Christmas

Orders from Dr Marten.

I had my first pair of Dr Martens when I was 15. Ox-blood, 8-eyelet beauties, they still aren’t even properly broken in. They were my favourite shoes ever, and I’d wear them to every single gig I went.

This year, I discovered the black 3-eyelet shoes by Dr Martens; I was head-over-heels in love at first sight.

I opened the box on Christmas morning and damn near cried. They’re so gorgeous, smooth leather, yellow stitching, comfy as hell – they’ve not been off my feet since Christmas day!

They’re amazing for every day wear, and go with practically everything, so they’re perfect, and look really smart, too.

Here are a couple of the outfits that I teamed them with:

  • White Fred Perry polo
  • Taupe Pinafore from ASOS
  • Black Harrington
  • Black tights
  • Dr Marten’s utility tote


  • Black Amy Winehouse Fred Perry bowling shirt
  • Black coated high-waisted jeans
  • Glittery socks
  • Dr Martens tartan scarf

My second Dr Marten item was brought by Jake’s mum, the Dr Martens utility tote. This bag is like the bloody tardis! It fits absolutely everything in it. At present it has my laptop, my camera, my makeup bag, my purse, hairbrush, laptop and phone chargers, pyjamas and a packet of doughnuts in it. I could easily fit a couple other bits in there too. It’s great as an overnight bag and is also perfect to take shopping. I’ll be needing to use this a hell of a lot when I need to take my laptop to uni, because my laptop doesn’t fit in my Fjallraven Kanken without almost breaking the zip.


Beff xx


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