On The Tenth Day Of Christmas

Cute garms.

It isn’t often I let other people choose clothes for me, but Mum and Dad have done really well this year and picked me out a cute little outfit that would be great for a night out! It’s a black leather a-line skirt and a velvet body-suit with a mesh panel at the front, both of which are from New Look.

Both of them are really easy to wear together of with other clothes, for example I think the body suit will look great with high-waisted jeans, whist the skirt goes with practically anything; I wore it with my white Fred Perry on Christmas day.

I’ve also been brought a black leather belt, since I’ve been searching for one for ages! Now my clothes might actually stay up. It’s got the most beautiful detailing on the buckle and loop to make it that little bit more girly.


I had the cutest little socks from Anya and Lee. I write for www.rebel-culture.co.uk, so we were out on a kind of REBEL night out, and Anya and Lee passed me and Leah some Christmas presents. We both opened them together and screamed in excitement at how amazing and relevant these socks were – adorable little baseball style socks with REBEL written at the top. Super sentimental and novelty gift, they really made me smile opening them – I even fear wearing them in case they go missing in the wash (does anyone else find that their socks go in together but only one ever comes back out?)


Beff xx


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