On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas

Pamper hamper!

I love getting bath stuff for Christmas (everyone moans about it? I love a good Lush haul!).

The bath gifts that I’ve received are mainly from Beauticology and some bits from Lush.

From Lush I’ve had three products, one of which I had specifically mentioned called The Experimenter. It’s a multi-coloured, geometric bath bomb and the demo videos online look unreal, I’m super excited to do a separate post about this one!


Another Lush product is a sugar scrub, this is an exfoliator made from sugar, ginger, fennel and lavender oil. I love a good body scrub, and I think this is going to feel amazing after having ‘one of those days’ as a little mini massage too.


My final Lush product is the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon, which is a yellow macaroon shaped bubble bar to be run under the tap to fill the bath with millions of bubbles. Nothing better than a bubble bath after a tiring day!


The next set of products are from various Beauticology sets, all of which are either Christmassy themed or food-orientated (two of my favourite things).

Two large shower crèmes in Frosted Cranberry and Spiced Orange, the Spiced Orange is extra Christmassy as its smells of cinnamon. It reminds me of primary school where we would decorate oranges and make Christingles at Christmas time. Blueberry Glaze donut and Frosted Sprinkles are two mini shower crèmes that I got in a set as well, and the smell like a Krispy Kreme counter.

Pink Peppermint Candy Swirl body butter smells just like candy canes. I also got two smaller body butters in Toasted Marshmallow and Plum Pudding. These products actually smell good enough to eat.

My final two products are Vanilla Sugar Donut hand cream, which will now be coming everywhere with me and a Blueberry Glaze Donut body lotion to match the Shower crème.


Talking about these products has made me really want a donut now…

Beff xx


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