Eggette’s Kitchen Waffles

I’d planned to head up to Newcastle for a spot of shopping until I heard that there was a new waffle shop in town. WAFFLESSSS. I am all over that. The last really nice waffle I had was from a stall in Paris, and nothing has come close ever since, until Thursday 5th January.

For Newcastle, the New Year meant a new waffle shop on the block – Eggette’s Kitchen, located on the High Street just opposite Boots.

I stood on the High Street looking a little baffled as I wandered around trying to find it, however the smell of hot waffles drew me straight in like a Bloodhound.

On arrival I was offered little taster bites off original and caramel eggette. Eggettes are honeycomb shaped waffles made with an egg-rich batter, originating in Hong Kong. I ordered a chocolate one and got to stand and watch whilst they made it.

The batter is poured into the honeycomb tray and chocolate is dropped into each little section. The lid is then shut and the tray flipped over – this keeps the outside of the waffle nice and crunchy.

Once done, the eggette has to be laid on a rack to cool slightly before it’s ready.

This waffle was as big as my head – no word of a lie – and only £2.65! Outside is crispy whilst the inside is soft, spongy and chocolatey. The waffles honeycomb shape means that you can tear off little bite-size chunks and it’s perfect for sharing too!


You can get a range of different flavours too, including cheese, all-day breakfast and Japanese green tea. You can still order regular American-style waffles too, as well as a drink called ‘bubble tea’.


I think these quirky little waffles are going to do great in the heart of Newcastle – I’ll definitely be returning and telling everyone about them.

Beff xx


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