Hustlers Of Cupcakes

TSP (pronounced tsp, tisp or teaspoon) is my go-to hangout. Whenever anyone mentions ‘let’s go get a brew’ or ‘let’s have a catch up’, I will always suggest Tsp. The independent coffee shop lies at the bottom of Hanley (near Terraces and Rubber Soul Records) and sells the most amazing cupcakes. You’ll have probably seen me rave on about cupshakes on the blog before – amazing.


I’ve been pestering Jake to go for ages, I’ve been really craving a good cupcake (I’m not pregnant, I just like food); and once I have something in my head, I won’t stop talking about it until it’s in my hand.


On Monday, Jake and I headed down to the coffee shop to have a nosey at the new renovation of Tsp’s upstairs area. It’s so gorgeous and cosy, with a little record player in the corner and a selection of vinyl (including Madness – happy Beff).

We decided to sit downstairs and Jake ordered a pot of tea whilst I went a bit more adventurous and had a unicorn hot chocolate and a bubblegum themed cupcake.


Jake’s tea came in the most gorgeous tea pot ever. I need one. Then, later we went in Wilkos and I saw some mugs that would match perfectly and I wanted the teapot even more.


My unicorn hot chocolate was miles better than the one I’d tried to make myself at home. White hot chocolate, dyed pink, with squirty cream, sprinkles, flumps, candyfloss and, you know the juice the ice-cream-man puts on a 99? THAT. YES. It was complete heaven and super sweet with a little bit of tanginess from the sauce. Oh my word. No hot chocolate will ever come close.

My cupcake was topped with blue bubblegum icing, a blue and pink fizzy bottle, a squishy and a flying saucer. After fighting with Jake over who got to eat the fizzy bottle, I dug my way through into a multi-coloured cupcake! Tsp really know how to bake.


I’d say Tsp is my favourite place where I can just sit and watch the world go by. It’s also a brilliant place to get some work done. It only ever gets bigger and better.

Beff xx


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