The Experimenter

I’ve wanted to try this bath bomb for so long after watching hypnotising videos of it being used on Instagram and the colours exploding in the bath.

The pink, blue, yellow, white and purple geometric bath bomb is exciting to look at, and even more exciting to bathe with.


My decision to use the bath bomb was due to not being able to sleep, and I thought that it may relax me. I probably should have done my research on that one, because this bath bomb is essentially like drinking caffeine before bed, it’s more the type of bath bomb you would use prior to a party. It’s only got bloody popping candy in it! So after watching beautiful swirling, bubbling colours, I started to hear little crackles – it was like bathing in rice crispies!


Once the colours settle, they create a glittery, deep blue bath that shimmers in the light and smells of vanilla. Once the popping candy finishes popping, the bath then becomes relaxing and is very moisturising, like most of Lush’s products. High five Lush.


Beff xx



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