My Yoga Experience

In December, holistic lifestyle coach and yoga instructor Gabriella Buxton ran a Wellness Giveaway in the run-up to Christmas. The very last prize of day 24 was an At-Home Retreat Day with The Lifestyle Rebelution (one of Gabriella’s businesses) worth £209!

Gabriella says ‘The Lifestyle Rebelution is a health coaching experience which empowers you to step into your fearless future’, which is something that I found intriguing and exciting, whilst being a little unsure of what I was getting myself in to.

Gabriella has a beautiful spirit that brings positivity and lightness wherever she goes. She turned up at my house with her bag and yoga mats with a beaming smile and set up in the living room whilst I grabbed us some water.


To start our session, Gabriella talked me through what we’d be doing before starting a meditating session. I’ve tried to have moments of quiet myself in the past, but it’s extremely hard to completely relieve yourself of all thoughts. As I sat cross-legged on the sofa, Gabriella played a chilled playlist on her laptop her soothing voice took me through a meditative journey, mentally scanning my body and ensuring that I was completely and totally relaxed. The next part of my meditation was to concentrate on my breathing. Inhales and exhales, focusing on the timing and sounds, this is called ujjayi breathing. The final section of the meditation was to think about my emotions and how I was feeling, I felt very content and at peace, it was nice to sit in restfulness and revel in those emotions for a while before Gabriella told me to open my eyes.


Our next activity was a Wellness Consultation, where Gabriella asked me a series of lifestyle questions. Some questions were general age, height, weight and then the consultation moved into more personal topics such as my relationships, my workload and my health. Although I’m quite the introvert and bottle up a lot of emotions, Gabriella is a very welcoming and approachable person with whom I was able to discuss my life with freely and honestly, chatting about each other’s lives in between questions. This process allowed Gabriella and I to set myself goals, such as eating healthier and getting into a better sleep routine. I’m definitely thinking about getting a salt lamp to aid my sleep.


Then we headed over to the yoga mats that Gabriella had set up behind the sofa and sat and did a short meditation to relax again. We then started a yoga session, which is something I’ve always wanted to try but never did, and it’s just not the same trying to follow a YouTube video! Having Gabriella there meant that she could guide me and assist me through some of the poses. Some of the poses I learned were very strong and empowering like Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 poses, I also got to learn Downward Dog and Cobra, and Cobra is great for stretching out my back.

We then did a more relaxing section where I lay on my back with a cushion under my head and a blanket over my body. I closed my eyes and Gabriella helped me concentrate on ujjayi breathing whilst giving me an Indian head massage with some fragranced oil that was a blend of vetivert, camomile and sandalwood. It was such a relaxing process and made me a little sleepy!

That was the end of the condensed retreat day, we had a three hour session as opposed to six, which is what Gabriella usually does, however there is never six hours I my day where there’s nobody else in the house, so three hours worked out great for me, and Gabriella worked around what suited my life. We sat and had a final little chat over a cup of tea before we packed up the mats and Gabriella set off back home. This was a totally amazing prize to win and has definitely left me with a consciousness for mindfulness. My sister recently brought me a mindfulness book (a Wreck This Journal style book) which I am really excited to use properly after this experience. Regular meditation sessions may well have to become a lifestyle habit after today!

Beff xx


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