Pretty Planners

2017 is a year in which I wish to be more organised. I love new stationary and making to do lists so in this blog I’m going to share my planners, and ways in which I have decided to organise myself, with you.

I’m still using my 2016/17 day-to-page planner from WHSmith for uni work, so for logging exams, room changes and assignments. I find it useful having a day-to-page diary as I can fit a lot of content on the page, such as assignment briefs. It also has pages designed for timetables, so is perfect for students; as well as a deadlines and exams page.

One thing I don’t like about day-to-page planners is that they’re bulky and you have to flick through a lot of pages to get to where you need to be. So I also picked up a 2017 week-to-view planner which is a lot slimmer. The design is a gorgeous watercolour effect and has ‘The future starts here’ written on it, which is something that really resonates with me as we move into 2017. This is a more personal/social planner for events, appointments and paydays. I decided to write in pink to keep up with the theme of the planner, however have written little green dollar signs $ on my paydays.

I mentioned last month that I brought a new marble effect note book, and I’ve been using that to plan out blog ideas and make a list of posts I’d like to do, then highlighting them once they’re completed.

To add to the marble collection, mum picked me up this weekly planner from Sainsburys (£3 I think), which has little boxes for each activity. I’ve been using this to write down what tasks I am going to complete each day, for example, which reviews need to be done each day. If I get one done a day early, then great, that gives me an extra free hour the next day. Giving myself bite-size tasks and setting them deadlines is important, because it makes me feel as though I’ve made an achievement. A small achievement, but an achievement all the same. Having a massive long list of things to do can cause anxiety attacks and feeling like I just don’t have the time, so setting one, sometimes two things each day takes that unnecessary stress away. This planner also has notes sections on the back of each page, so I can leave myself little reminders like ‘don’t forget to ask so-and-so about such-a-thing.’

Another weekly planner I have is a tear off sheets one, which I believe to be from Home Bargains. On here I’ve been roughly planning out my blog posts so that I don’t post too much or too little in a particular period of time. I have posts planned up until the end of February, however the order of the posts and content could change depending on whether I buy new products or visit somewhere new etc. Nothing has to be set in stone with a blog, and that’s something I really love about it.


My final little purchase was from the Union Shop at uni, which is simply a project book. This semester I have Shorthand, which requires a shorthand pad, and four other modules. This NU pad has four sections, so I’m using each section for a different module. This is handy because it means that I’m not carrying five different books around and I don’t have to worry about swapping my books out of my bag every day because everything is just in the one notebook.

Beff xx


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