January Favourites

January blues calls for making new discoveries to cheer myself up, or even just loving some things I already have. Waiting until January payday can be excruciating, so I’ve tried to not spend too much money either. Here’s what I’ve been loving this month:

Dr Martens Tartan Scarf // This tartan scarf hasn’t been off my neck since Christmas and it’s been an absolute lifesaver on these cold winter mornings on my way to uni. It’s a mixture of burgundy, navy and yellow, so goes with practically anything.


Staffs Uni Clothes // The Union Shop at uni sells some Staffs Uni merch like hoodies an t-shirts. So I’ve picked up a navy jumper and a yellow t-shirt. Both of these go great with my scarf; and owning Staffs Uni clothing means that I can just chuck it on for uni and not worry about making a massive effort on my outfit. The hoodie is sooo cosy and even has a pocket inside the pocket for your phone so it doesn’t slip out! I apologise for having no photos of them, as they’re both in the wash, but trust me when I say they’re great.

Kinder Chocolate // I absolutely adore Kinder chocolate, those little Kinder bars, Kinder Buenos, those little cocoa hippo thingys. A-M-A-ZING. Every day at uni I pick up a can of Dr Pepper and a Kinder bar to get me through my 10am Shorthand class.


Luxury Baths // There’s nothing better than getting in from the cold and having a nice hot bath. I’ve been using some gorgeous Lush and Bomb Cosmetics to make my baths feel a little more luxurious and relaxing. My favourites have been the Lush Bubbleroon, which gives me a lime green bath full of bubbles and can be used multiple times, and the Bomb Cosmetics Urban Princess bath bomb, which is pink and glittery for the ultimate princess bath.

Ruby Large Tapered Blending Brush // This brush is amazing. It came in my sisters Glossybox but she already has one, so gave it to me. It’s similar to my Anastasia Beverly Hills blending brush, however I can use this one for everyday makeup and use the ABH brush for when I use the Modern Renaissance palette. The Ruby brush has the softest bristles and blends my eyeshadows so well. Really happy with this product and would love some more of their stuff if anyone knows a UK stockist?


Shooter // Shooter is a film I watched a few months back about an ex-marine who gets framed for shooting the president. Netflix have turned it into a compelling series, consisting of 10 episodes. It’s so clever and I really enjoyed it. I was a bit dubious about having already seen the film, but the series is different, with some minor story-line similarities.


Local music // Two tracks that I have reviewed for REBEL that really stood out to me were Faraday – Get Ahead, and ALMA – Help Me. Both have amazingly professional qualities and I’m loving seeing the local music scene thrive, especially with the music awards so close.

Books // Two books I read this month were Johnny Marr’s autobiography ‘Set The Boy Free’ and JK Rowling’s ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’.  Marr’s book is so interesting and gives a real insight on his life and some musical history he’s a very, very intelligent man. Fantastic Beasts engaged my imagination and creativity. I read the book in two hours flat and it’s so strange to read a ‘Harry Potter book’ that doesn’t actually feature any of the cast we’d think we would see, but it’s very cool.

Beff xx


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