My MASC’s Mani

Nails were never something I was big into, my nailbeds are really petite so tips would fly off after a day or two leaving me bitterly disappointed and £20 lighter, or a simple polish just looked, well, meh.

With the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire this weekend, as well as a cocktail night with the girls and a date night with my boyfriend, I thought I’d treat myself to a set of acrylics, so I messaged NailsByBeff on Instagram (not me beff, another beff, obviously) and got booked in at The Gallery in Congleton. Bethany Moreton is the face behind the account, she is a young nail technician who I went to school with and her work is gorgeous. I mean, look for yourself here. Oh and she’s only been doing this for nearly 2 years!

So, first Beff removed my cuticles and filed my own nails down a touch, none of this horrible mechanic filing that they do in Chinese nail bars, the second someone pulls one of those out in a salon, you should most definitely walk out because I can assure you that the condition of your nails is not their best interest. After filing we found which tips would fit my tiny nailbeds and got them glued on and shortened, ready for shaping and filing. I chose to have my nails a manageable size in a coffin shape – so imagine pointed nails with the very tip bit filed off.


Then Beff put the acrylic onto my nails using a brush, and it’s crazy how quickly she works; I promise you she could do it with her eyes closed. It’s so satisfying watching the acrylic go from shiny to matte on your nails as it hardens to become your sturdy false nails.

I wanted the colour of my nails to match my outfit for the evening, so this will give you a clue that I’m going to be wearing something pink! Beff recommended the Gelish polish in the shade N-Ice Girls Rule, a light pink shade with a pearly shimmer to it, it was perfect.


If you’re going to have false nails, you have to have a bit of something glamorous to make them stand out, so on my ring finger I had some chrome. This is aluminium powder rubbed into a dry topcoat which gives a smooth mirror and petrol-ish effect. I’m sure you’ll have seen the millions of videos on Instagram of the powder being rubbed on to create this mesmerising look. I also had graduated glitter on my middle finger and thumb, where the glitter is thick at the cuticle and then fades out and becomes sparser at the top.

Finished off with a topcoat and some cuticle oil, I was super happy with my nails! I’ve not stopped showing people and admiring them all night. These were just £30 too, so really well priced for a full set of acrylics with nail art. Definitely going to be thinking about taking more pride in my nails and treating myself to a manicure now and again!


Beff xx


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