Benefit Brow Bar

My brows are a bit of a running joke; bushy, coarse, relentless and incredibly fair, in fact my right brow has no pigment in it, so is a nightmare to tint.


I put my brows into the hands of Becky, the brow babe at Benefits Brow Bar, located in Debenhams, Hanley.

I pre-booked my appointment on the Benefit Wow Brows app. My sister recommended me, which gave me a code that allowed me a free wax, and her, a free tint! The app has a loyalty card on it, so every other visit you get something free; and you get rewards for recommending people too.

Upon arrival I had to quickly read through a form and sign to say I was safe to have a wax and tint, and then sat in the chair ready for my treatment.

As Becky was cleansing the area to remove any product, talk turned to the weekend – The Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire (if I haven’t mentioned that enough already), and it turns out we’re both going, and we both went last year! We had lots to talk about and it was lovely to have my treatment done by someone who shares interests and knows the same people as me.

After cleansing, Becky did my tint. I went for a 4/6 sort of shade (if 1 was white and 6 was black), so a medium/dark brown shade. Due to the lack of pigment, my right brow takes longer to tint, but eventually we got them to match in a really nice shade.


Becky got rid of the tint and then started to trim my brows, my hairs are super long and super unruly, so I feel slightly sorry for Becky having to basically hedge cut her way through them. Then she asked what shape I’d like my brows, and since I really liked hers, that’s what I went for. Away we went with the waxing, which surprisingly didn’t hurt as much as when I’ve had them waxed previously. Some final trimming and my brows were perfectly groomed, but I was looking a bit red and sore.

Becky patched me up with some Benefit Boi-ing concealer and the Ka-Brow eyebrow cream, which is much like the pomade I usually use, in shade 3 (medium).


Since my wax was free, I only paid £15.50 for my fleeky brows, and on my next appointment, I get a free tint! The Benefit app is so good for its treats and rewards, and whilst the treatments are pricier than your average salon, you definitely get what you pay for as well as amazing customer service.


Beff xx


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