Our Music Awards Outfits

I was obviously going to blog about my chosen outfit for the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire (MASC’s), but this time I’m going to do something I have been thinking of doing a couple of times now.

Jake and I kind of come as a package deal, so in this blog post I’ll also be talking about how Jake scrubbed up in his suit jacket, and where we both got our outfits from.

I’m going to start with Jake’s, as I’m sure lads won’t read through the horror stories of trawling through Missguided and Topshop to finally find out where Jake got his outfit.

The MASC’s is a formal attire kind of event (preferably black tie), but when you’re a band member with a scruffy beard and wild hair, stood among 100 or so other musicians who probably won’t conform to the event’s dress-code, you don’t want to go all-out on a full 3-piece suit and bowtie; especially when there’s the potential for Thieves Asylum to be dressed as French Mimes or Psyence in tophats again, like last year.

Jake opted for a pair of black skinny jeans from Boohoo, which were a Christmas present so we aren’t too sure how much they were. Tucked into the jeans he wore a black, polka-dot style pattern shirt from ASOS. It’s the type of shirt that’s a smart/casual classic and, along with paisley shirts, was worn by basically anyone that went to a gig in 2016/17, so is really quite fitting for an awards night. Over the shirt is a suit jacket from Matalan in May 2016, which he brought for £45. It’s a black slim fitting jacket which has the smart qualities of a suit but, being slim fitted, makes it younger and more modern. For shoes, Jake went for black suedette chelsea boots, considering that’s pretty much all he owns apart from Adidas Gazelles.


The only part of Jake’s outfit that makes it formal is the jacket, as the rest of the outfit is his usual get-up anyway. After the event there was no doubt that Jake would be taking the jacket off and rolling up his shirt sleeves ready for a night up town.

Whilst Jake’s outfit was sorted the second he looked in his wardrobe and went ‘that’ll do’, my outfit was a bloody nightmare to sort.

Girls will understand that we need new outfits for new occasions.

I knew I wanted something I could wear again, so not a lavish gown or something too outlandish. Last year I wore my yellow culottes jumpsuit from Topshop for £65 and it got so many compliments, but I really wanted to feel like I looked 10/10 and on trend.

I decided quite a while ago that I wanted to wear a pink pleated silky midi-skirt, and after every website ever not having my size, I had to wait ages for one to come into stock. Finally, Missguided made my dreams come true and the skirt was back in stock in my size and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything so quickly in my life. With student discount I got the skirt for £20. It’s high-waisted so looks really flattering as it pulls you in at your skinniest point and then elegantly floats out. It’s so silky and swishy so when you walk in it you feel like you should be on the New York Fashion Week runway.

My issue then was that I had no idea what kind of top would go with such a statement piece? And I contemplated black or silver? Bralet or bardot? Back and forth, back and forth for about three weeks until I finally decided on a black bralet; as a bardot would ride up my shoulders every time I lifted my camera to take a photo, and silver could be a little bold of me.

I spent many a night crying to Jake about the fact everything looked cheap or tacky or ugly or unflattering or not short enough or not dainty enough, I gave up the hunt and made my Mum trawl through the Internet for me. After a lot of ‘no, that’s ugly’ and ‘no, not short enough’ and ‘that material is disgusting’ we managed to find a slinky satin triangle bralet and upon opening the link I wondered how on earth I’d managed to miss this on the site (PrettyLittleThing). That was priced up at £18, so with student discount taken off and postage added, it was still around the same price. The outfit so far totalled at £38.

Next I needed some shoes and I knew exactly what I wanted but searching ‘black lace up heeled ankle boots’ wasn’t an accurate enough search for google apparently, and brought up a gazillion different shoes from Timberlands to huge lace up thigh high boots. I saw a gorgeous pair on House of Fraiser but they didn’t have my size (of course, typical) but with Mum to the rescue again, we got them in my size at Dorothy Perkins. I got these cute cut-out lace-up booties for around £20 reduced from £40.


The final bits and bobs were just accessories which I already had, like my dainty silver Casio watch and Tiffany necklace; I added a choker to make the look more on-trend and last but not least, my Pandora bracelet. My choker was from a set of three from Primark for just £1.50. I’d seen the exact same choker in places like Topshop and Dorothy Perkins for £10, so this set of three was a bargain.

It was an amazing night, and I’m very excited to start planning next years’ outfit!

Beff xx


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