Top 10 Wanderlusts

My parents don’t travel, which means that I’m 19 and have barely been out of the country, but have been fortunate enough to visit Paris with University, Berlin and Cologne with school, and Gran Canaria with my friend Leah.

Since I went to Paris in November, I’ve been getting incredibly itchy feet and a lust for travel, so I’ve compiled a list of 10 places that I’d like to visit.

Bangkok, Thailand


I’d like to visit Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, for Songkran. Songkran is the Thai New Year and is essentially one huge water-fight throughout the city! It sounds like so much fun! I also really want to ride an elephant and cuddle a tiger, and where better to do so?

Disneyworld, Florida


I have family in Florida, so this is something that could potentially happen as I would only have to fund my flight and entry fee, since my accommodation will be free! I’m a huge kid at heart and nothing cheers me up like a good Disney film. I feel like Disney World will just put me back in that my childhood where I didn’t have a care in the word apart from cake and Disney.

Chernobyl, Ukraine


This is a weird one, but Jake and I really want to visit Chernobyl and experience the eeriness of the area. We watched the Chernobyl Diary’s on Netflix recently and you can actually visit with ‘extreme tourism’ groups!

Venice, Italy


The city that has no roads, just canals. When I went to Gran Canaria there was a town we visited that was based around Venice and it was so beautiful with little tunnels and huge blooming flowers. I’d love to travel around on Venice’s little canals.

The Catacombs, Paris


Another film prompted me wanting to go here – As Above So Below. It’s a horror film about the Catacombs and the only film I’ve watched recently that has genuinely frightened me, however I would still love to venture in the underground tunnels; in the hopes I don’t get trapped down there and end up in hell.

New York, USA


New York is one of the most exciting and enticing places I’d like to visit. Venice and The Catacombs seem as though they’d be quite chilled out breaks, but New York has a hustle and bustle about it that I’d just love to be involved with. As a girl that likes to keep herself busy, there’s plenty to do in New York to keep my busy.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Considering I’m completely against drug use, and haven’t touched anything of the sort in my life, my trip to ‘Dam would be purely cultural purposes like the Anne Frank House, canals, bike rides, windmills (then getting hella drunk in the icebar). There’s a lot to do and see in Amsterdam, and I would love to spend a long weekend there.

Akora, New Zealand


My sister visited New Zealand whilst working on cruises and all I’m going to say is: Swim. With. Dolphins. Like actual real wild ones. Hector’s Dolphins are the smallest, rarest and friendliest type of dolphin and you can go and swim with them!

Taj Mahal, India


One of the wonders of the world is the Taj Mahal. I know one or two people that have travelled to India to ‘find themselves’ and I feel that a trip would be beneficial to my mind-set and would enrich myself with knowledge and culture. My old science teacher was Indian, and always talked about India in class and it sounds beautiful.

Stonehenge, UK


Although it’s ‘just a bunch of rocks’, Stonehenge and how it ended up there intrigues me. I’d like to go and see it for myself. There are whispers of witchcraft surrounding the monument and this is another thing that weirdly interests me.

So there we have it, 10 places I’d like to visit before I die.

Beff xx


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